Amazon's Android tablets on the way

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Amazon produces the world’s number 1 ebook reader, the Kindle. They have also been in the news as planning both a 7-inch and 10-inch tablet running the Android OS.

News reaching us suggests that the first tablet will be in the market in about a month’s time.

What sort of customisations are we likely to see on these upcoming tablets? How will Amazon distinguish theirs from the army of Android-powered tablets out there, so they can compete against the iPad?

So far, that army of Android tablets has been largely unsuccessful against the iPad in the marketplace. Perhaps Amazon can change that picture.

It isodd that though Android has succeeded in the smartphone market, its foray into tablets so far has been dismal. What gives?


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  1. If Android tablets OEMs really want to tear a big chunk of the iPad marketshare all they have to do is reduce their prices. You can’t compete with the iPad on the same price point and expect to come up a close a second. I saw on the web yesterday an android tablet made by I think HTC offered by AT&T at $699 on a two year contract. That’s expensive compared to the iPad

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