AMOLED screens vs LCD screens

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In a new infographic by Samsung posted on it’s site, they have given a couple of reasons for you to believe that the AMOLED is much better than the LCD. Here are some of the reasons,

  • First reason shows that AMOLED is faster and more efficient than the LCD in terms of changing pixel state.
  • The AMOLED has a better contrast ratio compared to that of the LCD thus giving a more detailed display.
  • The AMOLED delivers the same clear display if viewed from any angle.
  • Lastly, The AMOLED delivers a more accurate and natural color compared to that of the LCD.

Though, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Samsung tried to state the best qualities AMOLED screens have over LCD screens, since they manufacture it and use the display on all their products.


Source: Samsung tomorrow

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  1. Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder..

    Regardless Of The Technical Jumbo Mumbo, I Guess The Superiority Of One Over Is A Matter Of (The Combination Of)What You Are Looking At.

    For Me, Legibility In Brilliant Sunlight Is The Primary Thing Am After. The Next Consideration Would Be Low Power Consumption.

    Every Other Thing, Like Viewing Angles (Who Looks At His Phone From An Angle?) Is Of Tertiary Consideration..

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