Amphibious bus services in Lagos?

An amphibious bus runs like a standard vehicle on roads, but also runs on water. The concept of amphibious vehicles is not new. It has been implemented in military circles, as seen in Assault Amphibious Vehicles (also known as amphibious landing vehicles).

amphibibus amphibious bus

Here is an example:
amphibious landing vehicle - amphibious bus

The military amphibious vehicles are heavyweights and work well. Amfibuses have already been trialled in the UK (the pictures in this post are from those trials). Certainly, we can look forward to amphibious buses becoming more mainstream sometime in the future. Can we hope to see such buses in Lagos any time soon?

Amfibus - amphibious bus

Yes; I know. There are lots of factors that have to be sorted out. Like overloading, water hyacinth on our waterways, etc. Still, your contributions please.

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