An internet-enabled phone for less than N3,000 ($19)

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We live in interesting times. There was a time that when you needed an internet-enabled phone, your minimum budget had to be N10,000 ($62). Things have however changed radically. Now, with the smallest budget for a phone, you can still pick up a device with EDGE internet connectivity and access your mails, Facebook, Twitter, web and other connected services.


TECNO’s T341 is a Dual SIM phone with a tiny 1.77-inch display. But it has EDGE mobile connectivity and so can get you online. Having a traditional keypad means that you will not do much of typing, but if you are on a budget and need to stay connected, you cannot fault the package.

The handset is available from Etisalat and costs just N2,850. I have not been able to ascertain whether it is available in the open market. Do you know any other sub-N3,000 internet-enabled phones?

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