An Overview of Mobile Malware

This Infographic has been flying around the internet for some time now. It’s about mobile malware, it’s sources and how to protect your devices from being infected by them. I thought it’s worth sharing.

Android Malware Infographic

Source: BullGuard

  1. One of the ways to protect your devices from being infected by malware -is to condemn what happened to Charlie Miller- in the hand of Apple..

    It is companies like this that stifle innovation (unless they are the ones ‘innovating’)- attempt to patent EVERYTHING under the sun, and punish brilliance (instead of rewarding it)

    (++ spit ++)

  2. Where do we go from here!
    50% of my bank transactions are carried out right from my phone. The only thing that makes me go to a bank is withdrawal. At a comfort of my home even on weekends, I simply open up my phone carry out transaction to any bank in the country. I initially thought carrying out bank transaction from my phone is the safest way at least to avoid unnecessary Que in the bank hall and possibility of private data being exposed on a pc.

  3. Jikong1,

    Carrying out online banking transactions via your mobile browser is no more dangerous than doing it on PC. Nothing to worry about there.

    just dont use a non-secure Wifi connection for it – whether its mobile or PC browsing.

  4. Meeennnn, for those of us that are permanently into custom roms, i dont think we can do Without downloading apps from Sources other than the official market.

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