From September 2017 till now, a small army of Android 1 smartphones have been announced and some of them have hit the market already. At


In 2018, Android 1 smartphones are back with a bang

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From September 2017 till now, a small army of Android 1 smartphones have been announced and some of them have hit the market already. At last count, we are talking about nine smartphone models from at least six mobile manufacturers. 2018 is witnessing an Android One smartphones resurgence.


This resurgence of Android One smartphones is great news. Those who have avidly followed the project know that for a period, the future of Android One looked uncertain. As a matter of fact, for years, none of the major smartphone brands produced an Android 1 device.

That has changed.


Android 1 smartphones resurgence

Today, we have Android One smartphones from more prominent brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, and Nokia. The list of Android One smartphones in this resurgence include, but it not limited to the following devices:

  1. Xiaomi Mi A1
  2. HTC U11 Life
  3. Moto X4
  4. Nokia 7 plus
  5. Nokia 8 Sirocco
  6. Nokia 6.1
  7. Zenfone Max Pro M1
  8. Huawei Y3 2018
  9. BQ Aquaris X2
  10. BQ Aquaris X2 Pro

There are a number of other regional Android One devices that are limited to countries like Japan, for example, that are not listed here.


The Pursuit Of Purity

There are pros and cons to using pure Android the way Google wants, so it isn’t all positives. However, users who want the pure Android experience have not had great devices to choose from in the past. It was mostly a Nexus, Pixel or nothing. That is history now. There are enough options of solid Android 1 smartphones to pick from if you prefer the pure Android experience.

We are constantly updating our list of all the Android One smartphones ever produced. You are welcome to bookmark and check it up regularly. Our Android One quick guide is also available and helps you understand what the project is about.

Android 1 smartphones resurgence


Android 1 Is Alive And Well

After years of uncertainties, it is good to see that Google’s pet project to promote the pure Android OS experience is alive and well.

Infinix Mobility Leaves Android One

After the release of Infinix Note 5 as an Android one smartphone, Infinix Mobility appears to have silently left the Android One programme. The successors to the Note 5 run Infinix’s custom Android implementatiion, XOS.

Xiaomi Exits Android One

In 2020, Xiaomi left the Android 1 programme. Xiaomi Mi A3 was the last Xiaomi phone to Be part of the Android One project. At this time, HMD Global, AKA Nokia, remains the last Android One participant standing. Motorola and OnePlus are not strictly deploying stock Android on their smartphones.

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