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Android 11 To Unveil Exciting New Screenshot Feature

With more and more tech companies releasing newer updates for smartphones this year, Google is looking to better the screenshot abilities of Android, with talks of a native screen recorder to the Operating System also in the works.

There are reports stating that a native screen recorder has been included in one of the beta builds for the Android Q. This screen recorder feature is said to be present in the first Developer Preview of the Android 11.

Android 11

The screen record tile is to be found in the Quick Settings panel, reports from Android police say that although the feature is a bit buggy presently, there are efforts behind the scenes to effectively take care of this issue. When the screen recording is running, the Chromecast icon will pop up in the status bar having a red background, it is also reported that a number of helpful buttons like Cancel, Stop and Pause are available.

Google is also said to be working on a new screenshot feature which will let Android users take scrolling screenshots in Android 11. These exciting features are already available in the first Android 11 Developer Preview.

With the slated release of this Android OS still almost 6 months away, it is believed that this will avail Google plenty of time to further improve these features before they are released to the public.


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