Exclusive: First look at Android 7 Nougat on Infinix Note 3

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Google announced the release of Android 7.0 Nougat late last year. Smartphone makers have already started providing the update to select models. Infinix Mobility has begun a testing phase for the latest version of the Android operating system. Currently, only the Infinix Note 3 and Infinix Note 3 Pro models are receiving the update. Here are exclusive screen shots of Android 7 Nougat on Infinix Note 3:

Nougat on infinix note 3

In the screenshot above you can see the Notification bar, the quick settings page and the settings page. Notice the visual difference compared to older versions of Android. Also note that this software is based on Infinixs’ XOS Chameleon user interface. Below, you can see the the music player and the About screen.

Nougat on infinix note 3

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How to get Android Nougat on your Infinix Note 3/Infinix Note 3 Pro

Please before you proceed, note the following:

  1. Remember that this software is still in beta stage, so expect quirks and issues.
  2. Be sure to backup your device before installing this software.
  3. Mobility Arena is not responsible for the after effects or any other issue that might result after installing this software. This article is for information purposes only. You proceed at your own risk.

Download the software below:

Infinix Note 3 Beta Update:
PC Flash Version: HERE
SD Card Version: HERE

Infinix Note 3 Pro Beta Update:
PC Flash Version: HERE
SD Card Version: HERE

  • To install via your PC, follow the guide HERE
  • To install through your SD card (without PC), follow the guide HERE

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