Android P is now officially Android Pie. Or to write it out in full, Android 9 Pie. I think the name is bland, but the

Android 9 Pie is here now and I am waiting for a slice

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Android P is now officially Android Pie. Or to write it out in full, Android 9 Pie. I think the name is bland, but the taste of the pie is in the eating. Anyway, the good news is that it is already available to Google Pixel smartphones, as well as a handful of other phones from partner brands. The bad news is that I have to wait till God knows when to have a slice of the pie. Why? Read on to find out.

As great as the Samsung Galaxy S9+, which happens to be the smartphone in my hand right now, is, its manufacturer has a horrible reputation for software updates.

As I type this, the S9+ is still running Android 8.0 Oreo and has the June 2018 security patch. Sigh. When exactly will Android 9 Pie arrive for it? We might need to consult the gods for that.

By way of contrast, some mid-rangers from other brands are running Android 8.1 already and have August security patch.

My good friend, Habeeb, already has Android Pie on his Essential PH-1. I envy him. This is one of those times I would rather have a Google Pixel 2 XL or Nokia 7 Plus or Essential PH-1 in hand than the Galaxy S9+. Don’t forget to read my Samsung Galaxy S9+ review.

Why Samsung Is Slow With Software Updates?

Blame it on the process for customising Android with their in-house user interface. Google releases the software, Samsung starts customising for each model, then tests, before releasing it.

This is why all the phones on the Android beta programme run stock Android OS. No customizations needed.

Note that not all smartphones running stock Android Oreo will get Android 9 Pie right away. But they should get it relatively faster than custom user interface phones from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, TECNO, Infinix and others.

Android 9 Pie features

Android 9 Pie Features

Android Pie brings new features to the world of Android phones, including: Gesture-based navigation and AI-powered features like adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, and health features, among others.

You can read up more details about the features of Android P.

It sucks having to wait endlessly like this. I want an early taste. I will find a way to get it. I just might go steal Habeeb’s Essential phone. Just look at that gorgeous screen (photo below)!

Essentail PH-1 essential phone 1

Meanwhile, I hear he has one unit for sale (brand new in box). Hit him up on 07088535479.

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  1. I see what u did there… Meanwhile in my redmi, I already have gesture navigation tho on nougat… Still waiting on miui 10 hoping it’s at least 8.0

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