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NaijaPapers is a simple Android application that functions like a news aggregator to let you read the latest news in Nigeria from one place. Basically, it extracts news items from Nigerian newspapers for consumption on Android smartphones.

On the Android Market, the introduction reads:

Keep in touch with current affairs in Nigeria.

Naija Papers provides android users with access to current news articles in Nigerian newspapers.

get the latest news in Nigeria

The app is very simple. On launching it, you are presented with headlines of the latest news in Nigeria from newspapers, including: PM News, Vanguard, Niger Delta Standard, the Guardian, and the Daily Trust.

NaijaPapers - read Nigerian newspapers

There are four (4) navigation buttons at the bottom of each page letting you return home, one page back, one page forward, and the last page.

NaijaPapers - read Nigerian newspapers

How NaijaPapers Works

Tap a news headline and you should be able to read a limited excerpt, with the option to click a link to the full news item on the newspaper website. I said “should” because sometimes it works, and other times, you get a message like “Article could not be extracted” or “We’re sorry, the page you requested was not found. You may wish to try again later or return to application HOME”.

NaijaPapers - read Nigerian newspapers

NaijaPapers - read Nigerian newspapers

NaijaPapers - read Nigerian newspapers

Inspite of the occasional hiccups, the app has a high utility factor, even if all the user is able to access are news headlines only and nothing more. It is a good way of staying in the loop of current affairs. I suspect that I am going to be using it a lot.

Hmmm… I wonder if the developer can add Mobility Nigeria to the catalogue of news sources…

NaijaPapers is available on the Android Market and is free. There are many other apps for reading news from Nigerian newspapers. To download NaijaPapers or any of the others from the Play Store, click HERE.


  1. lovely app. cant wait to install it on my android phone. please Yomi, do you know of any nigeria map navigation app for android? i have searched far and wide but couldn’t get. the ones by garmap are for the entire west africa and so quite expensive when i got in touch with their south african office. Will appreciate if anyone have an idea. the google maps on android phones are not well detailed for Nigeria. the garmap running on my windows mobile is by far more detailed.

  2. @Eyebeekay. My sentiments exactly. Thanks for the nigeriaworld link, I’ve been looking for something like that for some time now. I’m going to check out newshunt too.

  3. i tot i left my 2 cents here the other day.. well.. a great app. its more interesting that samsung is taking the lead amongst phone manufacturers in encouraging apps development. please, will like to know if anyone knows of any good map navigation app for android. the google map is not detailed enough. any alternative?

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