Android Developer Challenge winners: Afrinolly, two others

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The Android Developer Challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa is a competition to encourage the development of exciting, high quality applications
that can delight mobile users in Africa and around the world.

Android Developer Challenge Sub Saharan Africa

Developers in Sub-Saharan Africa submitted hundreds of innovative and interesting applications across three broad categories: apps related to entertainment, media and games; apps related to social networking and communication; and apps related to productivity, tools, and local and geo services.

In July, the top 29 applications were announced and their developers provided with new phones, mentoring from Googlers and six weeks to improve their applications. From those 29, three have been selected, as follows:


Afrinolly – Nigeria
Team: FansConnectOnline Limited
Afrinolly brings African movies to your pocket, allowing you to watch movie trailers, read entertainment news and gossip, track celebs, listen to music and share it all with your friends.


Olalashe – Kenya
Team: David Lemayian, Capefield Ltd.
Olalashe (which means “brother” in Maasai) is a geo-alert application that can help you communicate when you’re in trouble, through a widget that can send your location and a pre-set message to your ‘In Case of Emergency’ contacts with the push of a button.


Shoppers’ Delight – Kenya
Team: Elan Telemedia Ltd
Shoppers’ Delight is a shopping application that allows shoppers to compare product prices across different area supermarkets. The app also helps shoppers discover bargains and relevant sales, and access maps and health information.

Each winner will be awarded $25,000 to help them build and grow their business, and will receive additional mentoring from Google employees to help them make their app even better. Honorable mentions also went to finalist apps Rainbow Racer and Wedding Plandroid. The developers of those apps will each receive $5,000.

All three winning apps, both honorable mention apps, and many of the finalist apps are or will soon be available on the Android Market.

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