Android Distribution July 2018: Oreo is on 12% of Android phones

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It has been almost a year since the release of Android 8 Oreo and the Android distribution figures for July 2018 show that only 12% of Android smartphones run Oreo at this time.

Android Distribution July 2018: How They All Stand

Of the eight versions of Android OS accounted for, Nougat (Android 7) is the most popular till date, with a 31% share. Below is how all the versions accounted for stand:

  1. Android Nougat: 30.8%
  2. Android Marshmallow: 23.5%
  3. Android Lollipop: 20.4%
  4. Android Oreo: 12.1%
  5. Android Kitkat: 9.1%
  6. Android Jelly Bean: 3.6%
  7. Android Ice Cream Sandwich: 0.3%
  8. Android Gingerbread: 0.2%

Android Distribution July 2018

Android 8.0 and 8.1, both of which make up Android Oreo, have some catching up to do in order to take the largest chunk of users, but that may become even tougher as Android P is right around the corner. Once P hits the first devices, the next goal is to push it as much as possible.

Android Oreo, which currently occupies the 4th position, will get less attention then.

Android OS still has some distance to go before it can eliminate fragmentation. The good news is that more smartphone manufacturers are committing to faster updates.

Plus, a bigger handful are even embracing the Android One programme more than ever before. As a matter of fact, we are seeing entry-level Android smartphones launch with Android Oreo. That is ground-breaking. In the past, budget devices tend to ship with older software versions.

Hopefully, all of these will translate to more Android smartphones running up-to-date software over time.


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