Android: Dual Cores, Quad Cores and Lags

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I am a very ardent fan of Android. Currently, I use a Samsung Galaxy Note which also runs Android. It is my second Android smartphone. In as much as I love Android passionately, there is something that bothers me about this platform.

You see from time to time, my Android phone lags and that bothers me. Here are the reasons why it bothers me.

My Samsung Galaxy Note, for example, runs Android 4.0.3 (better known as Ice Cream Sandwich) and is a dual core device with 1.4Ghz per core. That alone for a mobile device is powerful. Still it has not stopped the lag throughout the interface. I thought that it could be the Touchwiz UI that Samsung imposed on the phone that was behind the occasional pauses when using the Note, so I went ahead and flashed stock Android to it – and there it was again! Subtle, but still present was the lag from time to time.

Even in Mister Mobility’s review of the HTC One X, he raised the issue of occasional app pauses and freezes! I may be a geek and forgo/overlook the lag in the interface but what happens when a regular user buys a 90k+ phone only to discover that from time to time he/she has to tap something twice or thrice before it responds. Also do not forget that the One X is a quad-core processor device.

From time to time I have to reboot my Galaxy Note before I can get some apps or widget to work. The most frequent occurrence is with my torchlight widget. Most times when I tap it so as to make use of the led light near the camera, it doesn’t respond until I do a full reboot.

Not Peculiar To Android
Certainly I know that other smartphones lag too even it is for a millisecond. The only difference is how frequent it is. Going by the amount of time I have seen Blackberry devices lag, by now, some Blackberry users must think that it is normal for phones to occasionally “load” by bringing up a spinning circle in the middle of the screen.

I haven’t had experience with any iOS device hence why I  cannot say anything about it but if you do own one what is your experience with lag like? [Both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 lag too. See Romance with Apple iPad turns Nightmare – Editor]

With the amount of power that we have built into smart devices these days, it still amazes me that my favourite platform, Android, has still not been able to combat something that is so vital to the user experience. At least Blackberry animates the lag in form of the rolling circle. Android? Just pretend that it isn’t there.

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