There is a brewing Android fanboy war in the Nigerian digital space. It is Samsung versus TECNO, as the new kid on the block faces backlash from the old guard.

Android Fanboys War: Samsung versus TECNO

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There is a brewing Android fanboy war in the Nigerian digital space. It is Samsung versus TECNO, as the new kid on the block faces backlash from the old guard.

Samsung versus TECNO: Fight!
Samsung versus TECNO

This morning, I was alerted by my man, Nelson, to a brewing storm in the Android camp here in Nigeria. Here is the alert:

My interest was piqued, so I asked for more info:


A little insight for those who do not live in these parts or those who do and have been hiding under a rock: TECNO is the mobile OEM that is taking the Android smartphone market in Nigeria (and Africa) by storm. Here in Nigeria, TECNO is branding the mobile market. They are everywhere – and in your face too.

What is the big deal? The big deal is that they were the underdog. The unknown entity. Now, they are upsetting the scales and just about outselling everyone else. Samsung used to be the undisputed face of Android here in Nigeria, but no more, thanks to TECNO’s resilience. Apparently, Sammy’s fans are riled badly. Everywhere they turn, they see a TECNO-carrying user, it seems.

When I read Nelson’s tweet, I thought to myself, “Samsung fans are calling TECNO users cheapskates? How time changes. That is what iPhone fanboys call Samsung users too.” It is what they call Android users in general: cheapskates. I remember Android fanboys getting all worked up about that tag in recent times. Now, this civil war is seeing the same tag now used internally? Sheeesh. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

This is all interesting to me. I want to see more great phones being pushed around. The more affordable those phones are, the better for the vast majority of people. If two fanboy camps want to fight over it, I could use some of the entertainment. I have some popcorn and a bottle of chapman here. Fight!

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  1. @Mr Mo, the war is so serious, than what Nelson told youooo. Its so bad that Samsung staff. are being wooed to tecno. On Naira land, there is even a thread titled S3 vs phantom A, with all kinds of Animation showing the downside of the other. I bet you, the tecno fanboys are the aggresors!

  2. I have a feeling something similar happened between Huawei fans and Samsung fans in China sometime back, but not anymore with how Huawei has taken over the Android market there. it’s the same thing happening here.

  3. It is quite amusing that the.saying, “you will be addressed the way you are dressed” applies more strongly here in Nigeria.

    I thought they said you can (should) NOT judge by its cover?

    Who cares whether.a smart device has TECNO. SAMSUNG or whatever stamped on it? It is what is.under the.hood that matters.

    People who judge/categorise others based on what they use (phones, cars, etc) just need a new slantt on life.

    However, things are the way they are, NOT the way they should be.

    So, depending on your station in life, and.your impress, by all means, purchase brands.that confer a euphemistic patina of “respectability”

    For me, I strictly pay fo what I get, in practical terms.

    Thus, I think Tecno gives more value for money than the biger brands.

  4. unfortunately for the sammy fans, play store doesn’t discriminate, but rather give equal access to all droids irrespective of how costly your droid is. If sammy could displace nokia, then anything can happen.
    I hate exploitation, but unfortunately my people here in 9ja create class with such thing instead of saying no to it. This is the kind of things you hear too if u are into satellite tv. Even though its obvious Multichoice (DSTV) is just exploiting some, they keep telling u “free to air (FTA)” is cheap and its for those who cant afford the real deal.

  5. I’ve owned a Tecno phone as a second device since 2007 and liking it, and now they are stepping things up, I’m not going to stop, even to make it my number one device but I will still acknowledge that Samsung is superior in terms of raw power and functionality, at least for now. Maybe Tecno will catch up in features or even overtake Samsung tomorrow, but that has not happened yet.

    And yes, Tecno devices offer more for what they cost even though they may be lacking some features, but for me, if the features they are lacking are not very important then I won’t just mind always forgoing those for the better price of Tecno devices. Those that want to go to war may continue and I can actually take some twits too but that will not stop me from using my head each time I want to buy a new device.

  6. Quite interesting, this so-called fans war. And mischievously hilarious is Mr. Mo’s allusion to cinema entertainment.

    Really, folks should go for which phone brand they prefer and can afford without badmouthing the others.

    That said, TECNO remains a peripheral player in this game and still has a long, long way to reach the global clout Samsung has attained. Outselling Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry in the Nigerian low-end and midrange phone market only makes Tecno an emerging local champion by pricing and doesn’t make them counted in same class as the iconic brands.

    By the way, statistics show that Samsung is today the world’s leading phone manufacturer, having overtaken Nokia and now trailed by all others including Apple.

    In China, world’s largest phone user market and Techno’s home country, Samsung is rated No.1, commanding 30% share, followed by Huawei, Lenovo, Zte and others. Apple comes a distant 6 position.

    A recent report I read on Phone Arena, a global tech news site, also rates Samsung as No.1 Brand in whole of Asia continent.

    Which brings me to a point: Charity begins at home. Samsung, a Korean brand, is already a leader in Korea and entire Asia before conquering the world. A question gnaws my mind: why didn’t Techno make a name and impact in their home China first before sneaking into an emerging third-world market in Africa to start claiming superstar competitiveness? Don’t get me wrong, Techno has right to start investment from anywhere they see easy target. But they should be modest to admit trying to GET THERE rather than all this ‘We have arrived’ puffery at the peripheral backyard of a massive global phone market. Very soon, Techno may even claim competitive supremacy with Apple iPhone!

    Haba,softly softly. No doubt, Techno has potential but world leaders didn’t get there in just one day! Neither did they start thumping chest before they even arrived. Choices are good for customers. Options are nice to have in a market, but it’s no use trying to badmouth any brand. For Samsung, maybe the way they mercilessly bashed Apple in marketing has got them a nemesis in Tecno. But the difference is Samsung has already become a global player before chest-thumping and Apple bashing. Techno is only emerging in the world’s least developed market.

    Samsung, Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, LG, Sony and even Chinese Huawei are world class brands with highly developed technology not yet attained by Tecno. I challenge Tecno to aim high and go to conquer world phone markets and the sky is not even the limit for them. Let Nigerians buy any brand they like and can afford without running down any one. Enough of pointless comparisons among brands of unequal weights. Except, of course, it’s all for just the cinematic entertainment of fun seekers like Mr. Mo!

  7. // Samsung, Apple, Nokia,
    BlackBerry, LG, Sony
    and even Chinese Huawei are world class brands with highly
    developed technology not yet attained by Tecno. /


    It would be interesting to rub off the Tecnp on a Tecno Phantom A1, and the Samsung on a Galaxy Galaxy S III, ask ordinary people (the users) to use them both, and tell them apart.

    That would a be definitive way to test if our judgement is not beclouded by brand rhetorics, (rather than objective focus on bang_for_bucks..)

    …You only see what your eyes want see…

    Here, have a look .

  8. I disagree with the last contributor, MTN came to Nigeria from south africa before becoming biggest GSM service provider in africa, even if Tecno does not have clout in china its home country, because of over saturation, it could still make its business elsewhere. Nigerians are crazy about these new techno android phones because they see them as value for money. Especially the phantom A, which is a steal compared to similar offerings from established phone makers. Even if they don’t have a home recognition, a good product will always speak for itself. I know that soon they’ll come out with a quad core 1.2ghz engine, with a better graphics chip and at least 1.5 gb ram to boot. I am waiting for that device and it’ll be techno all the way.

  9. Shenzhen, the Chinese Silicon Valley, Home to Brilliant Smartphone Designs and Cheap Knock-offs

    Like cars, and many other products, parts and components are sourced throughout different continents.

    Technological know how is no longer localized. Manufacturers go to where Labour is cheap, and the government is supportive via their policies and disposition to manufacturing. Say, China.

    The major parts of your shiny Samsung device is probably manufactured right in the backyard of Tecno…China.

    Buying Tecno is buying smart.

    if you buy your designer shirts, sunglasses, ard other accessories in a boutique in highBrow Allen Avenue, it doesn’t make those things more qualitative than if you bought the exact things where shop rent is not astronomical, and thus . retailed products command lower purchase prices.

    Like someone earlier said, yes, I would use my head when buying anything. and not get carried away by brand perception, rather than realities on ground.

  10. I sorry for samsung, i transfer my love of NOKIA to SAMSUNG and now am considering TECNO, Why? price!
    As mr mo said previously that spec don’t matter,. permit me to say for naija price matter alot,.

    I think sammy should just build cheap mid end device if they really want to take back their food tecno is eating, maybe that’s why they are making the next galaxy note 3 in 3-4 version,. If you can afford the version with super amoled (unbreakable) ,you go for the with lcd or water resistance etc,

    But that’s not what nigeria need, for instance i have been dreaming of getting note 8.0 which am thinking is to expensive but with the availability of TECNO PHANTOM N9 PAD i can still own a tablet with balance,..after all i’m not using it for ever,


  11. It all comes down to the fact that smartphones are becoming commodities. Most people don’t fuss too much over the make and model of a new TV they are about to buy so long as it meets certain criteria. Same thing goes for most consumer electronics products, and the same thing is happening to the smartphone. The era of the smartphone as a luxury device is fast coming to an end and devices like Tecno are just helping to herald the new age of smartphones as a commodity.

  12. Now we’re officially having a Sammy and Tecno pissing contest?


    And that’s all I got to say.

    Plus that if you bump into a Tecno tablet anytime soon, just know you heard it here first.

  13. Lol hehehehheheheheh tecno phablet is already on the way, Sammy is in for a fight

  14. @lordbanks already seen thhe Tecno N9 tablet (8″), albeit pictures of it. Looks bland and ordinary,just like the rest of the Tecno line

  15. Samsung users should be grateful to Tecno but the usual Nigerian mentality wouldn’t let them. Tecno is increasing the number of android phones in the market which can only lead to a far reduced price of data for android phones like BBs. Some people will get what I mean…

    I remember reading about the Wikipedia founder switching to an 80dollar or so Huawei phone…

    Our people don’t know how to get good deals. The samsung galaxy s2 for instance is/has gotten the same upgrade as the s3/s4. There are other phones in it’s range that are good. Why not get it used or get the new cheaper ones. Anyway, I believe we’re getting exposed. With exposure comes the “bang for bucks” mentality. I also hope our oil wells dry up. It will make this mentality come fast.

    I wrote an article on this already. Tecno is eating everybody’s lunch in Nigeria cos they’re getting the basics right. If samsung users like, they should start worldwar 3. Na for their pocket.

    The other guy who gave the example of the dstv is very correct. Nigerians just like forming class with rubbish. Tell me how can you pay 100million to buy land in a dirty water-logged street just to “live on the island”?
    Anyway, the main thing is for everybody to explore opportunities to milk this said attitude of Nigerians 😀

  16. Dey are all the same, u either go for cheaper techo or
    You can get powerful Sammy.
    Just be mindful where you step.

  17. “I will still acknowledge that Samsung is superior in terms of raw power and functionality”

    Hope we understand that it’s not just enough to get machine parts and couple together and say we have a machine. While one company just couples these parts and sells the machine, another company couples same parts with specific reference to overall performance… which company will have a better offering.. . of course the later.

    With Samsung, each device component complement’s the existence and performance of other parts… The product of this “team work” within device components results in an exceptional/outstanding performance of the device in question.

    Without mincing words, tecno isn’t there yet. There’s just no basis for comparison as far as I’m concerned. They both serve their purpose’s in their respective niche.

  18. Tecno has released another cheaper smartphone, “L3” running on android 4.2 ,3.7″screen,dual camera,also supports 3.7G network etc,for only 15k,….why won’t many nigerians dump samsung?

  19. ani how una want, make una talk wot i knw 4 sure is dt, tecno has come to stay nd d are sreiousli establishin a castle (a very huge nd formidable 1 4 dt mata) in d android market..i xpect humans(nigerians) to be grateful 4 an opportunity 2 xperienc wot d so called big bois(sammy users) are xperiencin in d android world bt irrelevant,blind pride nd money ego will 4va b a scale in dem eyes..wakeup 2 reality 4rm fantasy..come rain come sun, am wit tecno al d way

  20. // With Samsung, each device component complement’s the
    existence and performance of other parts//

    ForteSpy, merely making statements you can NOT substantiate is like sitting in your sitting room and saying.”I impeach GEJ”. It does not make a lor of dent on the matter of discourse.

    What , if I also say,

    // With TECNO, each device component complements the
    existence and performance of other parts//

    Why do you suppose techno does NOT pay attention to details? I have used the Tecno p3 for a while, just for kicks, and it simply rocks (for the price)

    The Phantom A1 also does not exude . the aura of a device whose parts were “just coupled” (as you so colorfully put it)

    While corners would likely be cut by the Tecnos of this world, the point is, bang for bucks, the Tecno is a far better comparative deal than Samsung and most of the other top guns.

  21. I was able to play with the phantom for 3 days… there is a clear difference between it and A Samsung device of similar specification… S2,S3..

    That’s my opinion though….

    That’s my opinion.

  22. @Mr Mo, do you still have some of. your Jack Daniela left…….. yeah and the popcorn

  23. ForteSpy, perhaps we should approach this mathematically.

    Value = Functionality / Price

    If price increases, value decreases (all other things constant)

    WE pitch a Phantom A1 against Samsung galaxy SIII,

    With the Samsung galaxy SIII costing MORE than twice the price of the Tecno Phantom A1, you need to double the functionality to maintain the value of the Galaxy SIIII.

    Can you say that a Samsung Galaxy sIII is more than twice as valuable as a Tecno Phantom A1 ?

    You said,

    /// there is a clear difference between it and a Samsung device of similar specification… S2,S3.. //

    Yes, there would be SOME difference (seeing that there is an astronomical difference in price), but not as much as MORE THAN twice the utility of the Tecno, ,surely?.

    By the way, those your “clear differences”, are they empirically measurable, or are they just whimsically subjective biased submission on your part?

  24. I just stated my opinion… I don’t expect it to be the same as others. For me, Samsung delivers..
    There is also a clear difference between Samsung and Tecno flagship devices I have used/played with

  25. I have used Tecno Phantom A and the phone is awesome. It is also HD and the phone never hanged for one second for d duration I operated it. I recommended it to a friend and she bought it and it was lovely. It was just a replica of Samsung S4. 5 .inch screen and all, except all the sensor in d S4. I can do without those Sensors.

    About Phantom Pad, I had d opportunity to see it at the shop where I bought the Phantom A and it looks amazing. The result of the R&D department of Tecno is evident in that device. It looked smart and cool. I love it and will buy mine in no time.

  26. Na wa ooo,i hv used tecno bak den,tecno is a very gud product,their sound system and everytin is superb,even den dt dey where still upcoming,nw i dey hear of tecno android,jeeeeeez,people are going gaga for dis phone,hw much is dis tecno phantom a1?

  27. It’s funny how people generalise that anyone in defence of Samsung topnotch products over Tecno’s is “doing that to show off”! Personally, I prefer using quality products that are durable, as I tend to use them for a long time. For instance, I have used without any problems (except battery change) my Nokia N82 since Dec 2007, Nokia N8, since Oct 2010, Elemax 2900 Japan, since early 2008 (just to deviate, I will illustrate further), and now, Samsung galaxy note II, for 7 months now. If I can’t avoid the well-built, I leave it. As promised, I will illustrate with the generator: over the years, some of my friends that both cheaper brands of generators had had course to spend so much in repairs that they ended up buying yet another of such! The point I want to make is that I prefer to be ‘pound-wise penny-foolish’ than the other way round. It screams ‘exploitation’ but quality products come at a price! Try comparing the picture quality and reliability of DSTV to free to air like some of you championed (let me not get to automobiles), the difference is clear!! When Samsung started, the quality of their products was never near that of Nokia. But, they didn’t make noise till their quality rose to international recognition; they invested heavily in research and development to get to the quality brand that now comes at an annoying cost to some of you!!

  28. If you are into flashing and developing, then you will not like tecno. It has no support at all. Where are the tecno developers? you will hate tecno when you get to know of custom roms like cyanogen MOD but dont find any version for your phone. I was pissed off when i was searching for a way to root my friend’s tecno L3. The search result was very poor. I didn’t find what i was looking for except for some noobs on nairaland giving incomprensive tutorials. pathetic! I got over 100 search results on how to root my samsung galaxy ace. And every search resuly has all the tools needed for the rooting in it.
    Odin makes flashing back to stock an ABC task. I doubt if tecno got anything lyk that. Installing drivers for tecno on your pc is another drama
    I was to see that my friend’s tecno L3 got Bricked simply because he switched off his smartphone whilst it is still downloading. Well i cant recall how many times i pulled out my battery while the phone is still on a task just to get fast shutdown. tecno is nice and ok for the average android user who will use their phones for games and movies. but for a person like me, tecno is just not enough

  29. // I was to see that my friend’s tecno L3
    got Bricked simply because he switched
    off his smartphone whilst it is still


    How did you determine that was the cause of the bricking? I would think your unsubstantiated conclusion is a result of pure bias. Abi I lie?

    All your points up there are predicated on Tecno ‘s poor support for Rooting / Custom ROMs. Luckily most phone users are hot interested in those.

    Besides, those things will come. You can already ROOT. Custom ROMs would eventually follow . Count on it.

  30. If your very first and last car was a “Honda baby boy”, i won’t be surprised if you try comparing it with the Mercedes 4matic series you’ve never tasted.
    Since your “baby boy” has good electronics, average speed and so on, it’s your heaven in the automobile.

    According to i_b_k,
    “All your points up there are predicated on Tecno ‘s poor support for Rooting / Custom ROMs. Luckily most phone users are not interested in those.”

    If one can’t downgrade or upgrade firmware freely without waiting for regional push, or root or load custom ROMS at ease, why would he be particular about android? A Nokia Asha would probably serve him right.
    he’s definitely not an android user, he’s just a phone user.
    Am not anti-tecno but fact is…Samsung gives you a full android experience, tecno is just a taste of android.
    Talking about value for money? That’s why s2 was able to step up from gingerbread to jellybean, he’s mates were stocked right there. Even Other giant OEM are steps behind Samsung lest tecno. Knowing that Android Os is a resource hug, yet a tecno flagship came competing with 512MB. If i catch you!!

  31. I wonder how the Team Tecno and Team Samsung camps are these days? Times have changed plenty 😀

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