Following up on the first part of this series that was published last week on games I am currently playing, I will be continuing today

Android Games I’m Playing Now: Part 2

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Following up on the first part of this series that was published last week on games I am currently playing, I will be continuing today with this second post.

Subway Surfers
This is also a swipe left/right game with lots of coins, trains and skateboards in it’s offing. There are numerous upgrades, several characters and so many power-ups to choose from. so this game shouldn’t bore you anytime soon.

subway surfers

The game was recently updated from World Tour New York City to World Tour Rio and there are visual tweaks, new characters and plain old fun included in the update. If you love fast paced swipe games then this game is up your alley and you should definitely check it out.

Download Subway Surfers from the Google Play Store

Super Stickman Golf

I’m not one who is that interested in golf as a sport, but this game makes it so out of this world that it’s just hard to ignore. Seriously, it is literally out of this world as you play in a space/galactic setting with you having to gauge how you take shots. This game is also somewhat challenging as you progress, as it gives you absolutely crazy locations for you to get your golf on.

stickman golf

You should definitely check it out if you are into graphic puzzle games as this game will literally stretch you in terms of thinking of ways to shoot the golf ball.

Download Super Stickman Golf from the Google Play Store

Aby Escape

Another of my favourite game for this week is Aby Escape. When you first install the game, you have to play for coins to unlock the unlimited mode from where you can advance through stages such as the town and alley.


It uses the accelerometer to move from left to right. There are visual stunning stages to pass through, game modes and several power-ups too. Check it out if this is your sort of game.

Download Aby Escape from the Google Play Store

Rope Escape

Another game I’m currently rocking is Rope Escape. It deviates from the swipe based system that most games are adopting at the moment. It is a Tarzan-like game where you have to hop from one point to another through the use of ropes, Spider Man style. There is a specific pattern to the game and with just enough practise you should be able to get the hand of it pretty quickly.

rope escape

There only complaint I seem to have about the game is that it isn’t a multi-level game and after a while you might get bored. Still it is still a good game and you should definitely check it out.

Download Rope Escape from the Google Play Store

That’s all folks

That’s all for this week, guys. Do check back next week for more Android games. Don’t forget to share the games that you are currently playing on your mobile device. Cheers!


  1. Lovely Collection… Use to be a Game Lover but work aint giving me much Time but no matter how Hooked i am, I Still give Room to Enjoy Temple Run on my Andriod..

    Give it a Trial, Thank Me Later

  2. much as I know that Android is suffused with awesome games, I have never been a serious fan of games ~ even on PC. !

    Crosswords (scrabble)’, chess. finish.

    perhaps,I need to change my ways.

    life is too unserious not to play games with it, no?

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