Few weeks ago, Google mistakenly leaked a screenshot in one of the schedules for their I/O event (coming up by the end of this month)

Android M is coming soon: What and what we’re expecting to see

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Few weeks ago, Google mistakenly leaked a screenshot in one of the schedules for their I/O event (coming up by the end of this month) revealing a little detail of Android M. We’re confident it will be announced, but what will it be coming with?

Its safe to say there won’t be any major overhaul in user interface or graphics, maybe one or two tweaks, maybe performance improvements, here’s a list of what and what we might see on Android M:

Android M

  1. Voice Controls: In the last article, we made mention of voice controls, where users will be allowed access to their Android devices through voice alone. This means better integration of Android Now throughout the platform.
  2. Android for Work: is a program that helps to separate work from play on the same device. This could be the biggest clue yet of what we might see on Android M (see first quote in screenshot). This is a push from Google to become popular in the security and enterprise markets where Blackberry is king.
  3. Fingerprint Authentication: There are rumors that Google is allegedly making fingerprint authentication native to Android M. Henceforth apps like Play Store, Wallet, etc can tap into this , and we’ll get to see more Android phones having the feature.
  4. Extension to other platforms: Google wants Android every where. Platforms like Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto (for cars) might get good facelifts with Android M.


  • Everything in the post above is speculation on what could be, though it’s possible some of the things listed here will come to pass.
  • Android M is Android 6.0 and it’s desert name might be Muffin or maybe Marsh-mellow. Just guessing.
  • We here discussing Android M when most of us haven’t even tasted Android Lollipop 🙂 Diaris God!!

  1. True abt the most of us not tasting lollipop…. Gionee pls update ya fones to lolli

  2. Sir Elroy,is there no way phone makers can be compelled to embrace latest Os updates within a specified period? For Google too and others,why cant they make sure at least theres about 60% adherance of a new os on phone before releasing new updates? Pls educate me.
    A lot of people are yet to experience Kitkat not to talk of Android M except one keep changing phones.

  3. Implementing this is really an issue because there are thousands of different OEMS using Android. The widespread use of Android is a blessing likewise a curse.

  4. I am reading this and cannot generate an ounce of excitement about any of these upcoming features, even if they’re speculative. I really can’t see myself using any of them.

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