Updated! Android M to bring improved user experience

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Google has released details of Android M, the next version of its mobile OS. Here are the key improvements that were unveiled at the 8th annual Google I/O yesterday (now updated with additional information):

– improved battery life
– streamlined app permissions: easier way for you to decide what information the apps on your phone can use.
– Android Pay: pay for things with your phone, without even opening an app.
– on-demand assistance from Google Now: for example, seeing if there’s an open table at a new restaurant.
– improved Direct Share
– Improved text selection and floating toolbar
– Improved volume control
– App standby
– Do not disturb quick setting
– Adoptable storage devices
– Bluetooth stylus support
– 4K resolution Display support
– Improved USB On-The-Go support
– 5GHz hotspot access point band
– hundreds of other less visible performance increases.

Android Pay

Android M is more of an evolution than a revolution from Android L.

Here are a few key Android facts:
1. The first Android phone was launched in 2008.
2. There are now more than one billion Android users worldwide.
3. There are now 4,000 unique Android devices on the market, from more than 400 manufacturers and over 500 carriers.

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