Android Market now shows device compatibility for apps

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The Android Market just got more user-friendly. Google has added a feature that tells you whether or not an app that you want to download is compatible with your device. This will save users time and bandwidth in eliminating the need to first download and instal an app only to uninstall it after finding it incompatible with your device.


Update 11th June 2011:
We are confirming that this feature is available only in the Android Market web version.


  1. Its great to know that the Android Market continues to improve because the Apple app store just makes a lot of things easyyyy.

  2. The Apple App Store has had this feature for ages. It’s not bad that Google is catching on just now. What matters most is for customer to have the best with a seamless User Interface.

  3. Hey stevies’, how many devices access d apple store? The Ipad, Ipone n Ipod. These Idevices runs d latest iOs (even for starters) and has the same form factor, so compatibility is no issue.
    Android has a deluge of devices running different versions of the Os, in a number of form factors, screen sizes manufactured by different OEMs. Definite compatibility issues are abound.

  4. @biola129:, you spoke my mind eloquently.

    Ordinarily, it is the os VERSION that should differentiate devices from eachother.

    When Afewgoodmen said, ‘The Apple App Store has had this feature for ages.’, I was wondering what he meant, and was going to tackle him on that ¬ until you said, , ‘how many devices access d apple store? The Ipad, Ipone n Ipod. These Idevices runs d latest iOs (even for starters) and has the same form factor, so compatibility is no issue.’

    In the app store, the
    applications description should explicitly indicate which versions of Android it is meant for.

    Applications should be written for an OS (or a specific version of the OS),-not devices. If not so, how will the app store recognise a device that is far more recent than a particular app?
    When I hear of an app being compatible with specific devices – rather specific OSes, I just wonder..

  5. @biola129

    When I said iOS had this feature I took cognisance of the number of iOS devices in circulation. first of all; an app can be incompatible with the same phone/device based on so many reasons. Even if it’s only the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in the ecosystem. There are 2 to 3 versions of each of these for instance. And they don’t all run the same VERSION of the OS always. An app may work for a particular version of OS for instance and not work for another version in the same phone/hardware. At other times, Some may work for iPhone and not for the iPod touch. An app Like Whatsapp works only for the iPhone. And it shows incompatibility with the iPod touch. At such instance you couldn’t download the app (whatsapp) to the iPod touch. On the other hand; iMovie application works on the ipad2, iPhone 4/3GS, and 4th generation iPod touch but doesn’t work on the iPhone 3G & the original iPad. So both OS AND hardware/device are involved and the app store/iOS recognises this!

    Apple has always had this feature of showing when an app is incompatible with one’s device. Yomi has rightfully pointed out that it is coming to Android & it’s a good feature . And it is nice Google is adopting the feature now!

  6. Well said @Afewgoodmen.

    In the examples you listed above, it should be noted that WhatsApp requires a sim enabled phone + an internet connection which the iPod touch lacks.

    iMovie suffers backward compatibility due to hardware requirements, just like a symbian 3 Qt app wouldn’t work on s60v5. We could call these compatibility issues but in the real sense of it, android has more of compatibility issues due to its vast range of devices and Google just fixed it.

  7. all I noticed on my android market was the emergence of the “paid app” column. this has been absent since I bought my phone about a year ago. goot to know though that now I can purchase paid app directly through my phone soonest.

  8. Good the Apple fanboy here is identifying the existence of this new feature in Android market.

    But I don’t think it’s a huge achievement by Apple given that Apple manufactures the hardware and the operating system and also controls App Store strictly. People should not come in here to downplay the Google’s achievement with their “imania”.

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