Android One is launched in Ghana, Microsoft acquires two firms, and other news we missed last week

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Below is a breakdown of news headlines we failed to report last week:


Google has just launched the Android One project in Ghana. This was done in collaboration with Infinix Mobility and Jumia Ghana. As reported by Pulse Ghana, the device launched was also the Infinix Hot 2. If we can recall, Google planned to push the Android One project to 5 more African countries (Egypt, Ghana, Google, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco) alongside Nigeria.


Over the past week, Microsoft acquired two firms. The first is Double Labs, the makers of Echo Notification Lockscreen on Android. According to Android Authority, they plan to integrate the features of this app across Microsoft apps that use notifications. Microsoft also acquired cloud security firm Adallom, and the deal reportedly cost $250 million. This was done in a bid to strengthen their grip in the cloud sector.

Following the launch of new iPhones, Apple is also set to release their latest software – iOS 9. The new software is said to feature, Intelligent Search and improved Siri, Performance improvement, Split-screen multitasking for iPad etc. It will work on all devices able to run iOS 8, this includes the A5-based iPhone 4s and iPad 2. The software will be made available to the public starting, September 16.


A unique service called MyAds just launched in Nigeria. The app rewards users for displaying targeted ads on their phones during incoming calls. After installing the app, you register with your phone number, and start earning points which can be converted to airtime. The app is currently only available on Android.

Google is finding it’s way back to China. If you didn’t know before, the Chinese don’t use any of Google’s services. Even the Android devices in China don’t have any G-apps installed. But this is about to change. Phandroid reports that Google has almost concluded talks with the Chinese government to introduce a stripped down version of Google Play Store. This one would only contain apps approved by the Chinese government.


Lastly, Oppo has ties with Barcelona FC. Remember the Oppo R7 Plus, they’ve just made a custom version of the device autographed by Barcelona FC stars Messi, Iniesta and Alves. Only 5,000 units of this phone was made and proceeds from the sale would go to FC Barcelona Foundation. Nice one there Oppo!!

That’s all the important news we missed last week. Cheers.


  1. “If we can recall, Google planned to push the Android One project to 5 more African countries (Egypt, Ghana, Google, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco) alongside Nigeria.”

    i know the folks in Mountain View have big plans but i didn’t realize that included “acquiring” sovereign territory in Africa. what next for Google Inc?

  2. But i’m kind of confused here though.

    Is Microsoft planning on investing in both Android and its own proprietary OS?????

  3. they’re not investing in Android per se (though they probably own stock in Google). the new Microsoft is all about services, they’re (supposed to be) platform agnostic and they are pushing their services to all (or most) platforms. Office went wide, Cortana soon will. Microsoft has quite a few apps Android apps, this will handle their notifications

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