What is Android Oreo Go Edition about? Google wants to reach the next billion smartphone users. It is a project similar to the one that


Android Oreo Go Edition: All You Need To Know

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What is Android Oreo Go Edition about? Google wants to reach the next billion smartphone users. It is a project similar to the one that Nokia once championed. But connecting the net billion is challenging, because of economic factors. We are talking about the bottom of the barrel, after all.


Android Oreo Go Edition in hand

If you have ever used an Android smartphone with 512 MB RAM and 8 GB internal storage, you must know the definition of frustration. You will jump from one problem to another in an endless loop. Google acknowledges that a leaner, more efficient version of Android is required to address this market segment and to produce even more affordable Android smartphones.


Android Go Edition is Google’s solution for this, and its first iteration is ready: Android Oreo Go Edition.

What Is Android Oreo Go Edition?

It is a leaner version of Android 8 Oreo that has been developed for smartphones with limited resources. More specifically, it will run on all Android smartphones with 512MB to 1GB RAM. Here is what it brings to the table:

  1. The Android Operating System has been tweaked and improvements made to performance, storage, data management and security.
  2. It comes with stripped-down versions of Google Apps. They are lighter and consume less data, among other things.
  3. Also, Android Oreo Go Edition has a modified version of Google Play Store pre-installed. This version helps users identify which apps are best optimised to run on their devices.
  4. Users of Android Go Edition get more storage on their devices, enjoy better performance, and save on data consumption.

Essentially, Android Go is designed to use up less resources, as well as run fast and smooth on entry-level devices.

Google Apps For Android Go Edition

The stripped down versions of Google’s apps that will come baked into Android Go Edition include the following:

  1. Google Go
  2. Google Assistant Go
  3. YouTube Go
  4. Google Maps Go
  5. Gmail Go
  6. Gboard
  7. Google Play
  8. Chrome
  9. Files Go

It looks like Google has been very busy and are forging ahead with this next billion initiative. The company say they have also been working with 3rd party app developers and manufacturers to ramp up support for Android Go. So, we are likely to see more lite apps going forward.


The first set of budget smartphones running Android Go Edition will hit the markets in the coming month, so expect those product announcements soon. Perhaps finally, those first world smartphones for third world markets will finally arrive.

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