The Android OS is looking more and more like a runaway hit. Gartner has published worldwide smartphone platform sales figures for Q3, 2010 and here

Android overtakes iOS globally; threatens Symbian

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The Android OS is looking more and more like a runaway hit. Gartner has published worldwide smartphone platform sales figures for Q3, 2010 and here is the brief:

  1. Symbian – 36.6%
  2. Android – 25.5%
  3. iOS – 16.7%
  4. Blackberry – 14.8%
  5. WinMo – 2.8%

Here’s the more detailed table from Gartner:

smartphone global 3q 2010

With Symbian devices down to almost just one brand – Nokia – and in contrast to a situation in which several manufacturers (Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Acer just to mention a few) are churning out droids day after day, it looks like Android is going to overtake Symbian faster than some of us have projected.

Looks like the classic scenario of robotsdroids taking over the world in Science Fiction stories and movies is actually going to happen. Sort of.


  1. When spider webs unite, they can tie up an elephant.

    The adoption of the Android os – by multiple device manufacturers – for MULTIPLE devices (even for non smartphones!) makes this scenario inevitable.
    Unless there is a major change in business model, the trend will continue.
    I sometimes feel, though, that it
    is unfair to make this kind of comparison (Android vs iOS)
    the Android os had always been available( for free adoption for whoever cares to use it.

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if Apple were to make their iOS available for use for free for whoever wishes to use it (yes, i am dreaming!).Then we will have a proper basis to make this kind of comparison! (i.e iOS versus Android)

    But often in business (and in life in general), bigger is not always better. …Does Apple care? Their balance sheet is definitely over-balancing!

  2. This is no surprise. Symbian is actually very powerful OS but it’s not very user friendly nor is it particularly graphics oriented.
    It was king of the pack because it’s an OS that can run smoothly on limited hardware. But now with the low cost of graphics capable hardware and more people wanting smartphones that “just work”; other mobile OS like iOS and Android are poised to take over.

  3. When people talk about Symbian’s drab user-interface being the reason they are jumping over to either the iOS or Android, i am amazed.

    Some symbian smartphones cost as little as 20-something Naira..I doubt if there is an iOS/Droid in that atmospheric price range. There all ‘SilverBird Stratospheric’.

    So, what you pay for on an iPhone/Droid is basically the super sleek user interface?

    In the Windows PCworld, there are numerous applications available whose purpose is to enhance the user experience. The same applies in the smartphone/superphone world.

    For any Operating system to attempt to do almost everything out of the box – would be to make it overbloated and basically resource inefficient.
    We are sering smartphones in the ghz range because of the fancy user interface for which the world has gone lady-Gaga!

    i want to hazard a guss that the reason symbian is sp lean&mean (efficient) is because it eschews most of the fancy interface effects. Some people use their device for serious work, others to fiddle with when bored.
    i guess the majority of the world population belongs to the later category. And our astute businessmen (device manufacturers) have woken up to this reality.

    The best do not always win the race. The smartest often do!

    The people behind symbian got overtaken by the smarties…

  4. Android is now enjoying what Symbian used to enjoy in those days, multiple manafacturers.
    Now Symbian is like iOS left for only Nokia to use.
    In the next qrty WP7 will get some users from iOS and Androud will still get more users from Symbian.
    Till then

  5. @Yomi. Beautiful presentation. What this shows, if I may be proven right is that, Nokia would soon be uncrowned as the largest Smartphone OS manufacturer in terms of volume. It is interesting to note that Android achieved this feat in less than 3 years of launch.

    Another important thing to note in this article is that the Apple ios platform is also coming up strong. If you consider just Smartphone device Manufacturers’ worldwide sales (Mind you; not the Smartphone OS ), then Apple is number two after Nokia in Smartphone sales and RIM number three worldwide. In the US, APple is now number 1 in Smartphone sales, closely followed by RIM.

    It is also pertinent to note that at last count, Android OS Smartphone manufacturers are over half a dozen with HTC producing the largest percentage of this slice.

    What I think the article is lacking is that the various percentages by smartphone manufacturers in the Android overall worldwide sales was not included in the analysis. This is for our benefit so that we could tell how the various Android makers are doing! It isn’t all green grass if I may say without this bit of data!

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