Android P prevents secret recording activity on your phone

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Android P is not available to the public yet, but a developer preview has been pushed out. One key benefit of this next version of Android OS is that it will prevent apps from using your smartphone’s microphone or camera whenever they’re in the background and not actively being used on screen.

If you have been worried about secret recording activity happening on your phone, Google has got your back with Android P. Whenever an app in the background tries to use your microphone or camera, a new security feature will trigger a notification to tell you and you can decide to let it happen or not.

So, Android P is big on user privacy. Are there any other new stuff? Yes; there are.

Display Notch Support

Remember how Android smartphone manufacturers went crazy with display notches at Mobile World Congress 2018? Well, Google approves and has added support for display notch in Android P.

New Notification Panel

Android OS gets a new notification panel and improved messaging notifications.

Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning via Wi-fi means your smartphone will be able to measure the distance to multiple Wi-fi hotspots and use this information in indoor positioning apps to calculate the near exact location of the phone with an accuracy of 1 to 2 meters.

New Media Formats

Android P adds support for HDR VP9 Profile for video and HEIF image compression.

HDR VP9 makes it easier to watch HDR videos, while HEIF is a new image compression format that can compress images to less than half the size of a JPEG while maintaining higher image quality.

Multi-camera API

We are in the age of dual and triple camera. Perhaps we shall even see quad cameras soon. Android P includes native support for multiple cameras.

Think of using twitter and wanting to share a quick selfie, so you call up the camera from inside the tweet you are composing. You will be able to use zoom or even bokeh in that situation.

There has been no mention of Bluetooth HID device profile that enables your smartphone as an input device.

Get Android P Developer Preview

Android P won’t be ready for the public until 3rd or 4th quarter 2018, so it is still a long way off. If you are a developer and need to test out things with your apps, you can download and use Android P Developer Preview right away. Just head this way.


  1. The restriction on surreptitious audio / visual recording is a good thing. Bad news if you plot the downfall of governments or you are a terrorist.

    I have an app that stealthily records all my conversation in the background. I am hoping Android P wouldn’t ask for permission to record each time the app swings into action (when a call kicks in) .. Perhaps it would operate the way you have a one time confirmation for some Permissions on earlier Android Versions.

  2. Hmmmmm, so much to expect from Android P. When it finally released, I believe only high ends Smartphone will benefit more from the new features coming with the “P” OS

  3. Reminds me of the film, Snowden.

    Privacy is a very big issue and thank God Android P will give us a better and more relaxed usage of our smartphones without the paranoia of eavesdropping by this shadow agencies.

    P.s; I no mention any agency name


  4. Good News but what do we do till the arrival of Android P? Good number of Android users are still stuck between Lollypop and Mashmallow.
    The Bad news, Android O still upgrading, The awareness is only benefiting buyers of latest high end phones.
    Gosh! How I wish this awareness will go round!

  5. The part that trill me the most is the advance image compression and privacy.. Google OS releases is Alarming to me.. Am i the only one thinking it’s way to quick by 2020, we would have seen android R. Before you mention Jack Robinson andriod Z is here..

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