Android phone lag? Here are the reasons why it happens

Are you experiencing Android phone lag? Is your Android phone sluggish or freezing up during use? It is a fairly common problem but we have information to help you sort it out.

Waiting those extra seconds for a phone to respond to touch is a very frustrating experience. When an Android phone is lagging, hanging or freezing, you feel like dropping it from a rooftop or banging it against a wall. But then, have we thought of the causes of this misbehaviour? Why would an Android phone lag?

It could be apps, after all there’s a glut of apps you can download, too many of which could harm your device. Or it could be something else. Below is a list of possible causes of lags on your Android device.

Android phone lag

What Causes Android Phone Lag?

  • Too many apps installed: When too many apps are installed on an Android phone, it starts giving a ‘low internal memory’ error caused by the many apps installed. This makes the phone lag and freeze badly. See my encounter with an Infinix Hot Note.
  • Excess Antivirus Apps: Antivirus apps on Android are useless (read more about it HERE), rather its a waste of phone resources. Installing two or 3 more of them would have negative effects on your Android device. Task manager and RAM booster apps are also included in the list.
  • Low RAM: Multitasking too many heavy applications will slow down the phone. Especially if they’re memory intensive. A good example: Try chatting on BBM and WhatsApp simultaneously on an Android with 512MB RAM; you’ll get the point. So, if you use a low RAM device, avoid running multiple apps to minimize Android phone lag.
  • Faulty/Fake SD card: Most times, we don’t even realize the reason of our phone lags is the bad micro SD card we’re using.  A fake micro SD card is a problem for apps installed on it, when it has low read/write speeds. Read more on micro SD cards HERE
  • Start up / background processes: Too many start up or background processes could make your Android phone lag real bad. A start up process is an app that opens immediately your phone boots up. Background processes like continuous syncing of email, auto backup , weather etc could also result to lags.
  • Buggy Apps/ROM: Installing buggy apps could slow down your phone. Live Wallpapers, 3D Launchers are good examples. Its also possible for certain apps to brick your phone straight away. The techie guys also know that buggy ROM’s will also slow down an Android phone’s performance.

As already mentioned, Android phone lag is a fairly common occurrence. Now that you know the factors that are responsible for the occurrence, you can avoid it as much as possible by using your smartphone intelligently.

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