The world as we used to know it is extinct. Say thanks to mobile technology once again.

Android-powered cars: a whole new world

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Google’s Open Automotive Alliance is a partnership committed to bringing innovations to automobile technology by using Android OS in cars. Auto manufacturers like Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai are already signed up.


Android cars

While no clear statements have been made as to what level of integration we are looking at here, the truth is that there are no limits to what can be done with this. From something as basic to navigation, we can see more advanced stuff such as artificial intelligence and remotely driving/operating your car with your smartphone (or Google Glass). The possibilities are truly limitless.


Android OS on cars is a great move. Of course, it is also a troublesome one. We are approaching an era of such seamless integration of our lives that that we might as well forget much of how we used to live on planet Earth, throw away many old values and begin to embrace new ones.


The world as we used to know it is extinct. Say thanks to mobile technology once again.


PS: BlackBerry, Nokia and Qualcomm also have teamed up to provide QNX+HERE solutions to cars.

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  2. A great idea. one also fraught with potential pitfalls.

    Can a ransomeware possibly screw up a car so bad to render it unusable until the user parts with some quids.?

    Could a bug in the OS constitute a safety issue on these sophisticated cars?

    Fresh in one’s mind is the SUA (Sudden Unintended Acceleration) in Toyota cars. This was caused by a software glitch.

    Let’s hope that the benefits of perpetual quest for greater intelligence in products exceed the potential associated problems.

  3. …and then I won’t be able to start my car until I enter my Google account details.

    Where did the email input box go?

  4. Who do much speculation in the negatives? This is not exactly what we are seeing presently in our Android dominated smartphone world presently and if hackers haven’t yet turned the mobile world into savagery and chaos, they probably won’t be able to do same when Android invades the Automobile industry.

  5. Harry, when your smartphone has a software glitch, you can uninstall the offending software. You can reboot the phone, restart, and all is well.

    Imagine a malware programmed to kick in when you reach an above 120km/hr speed, on a steep incline . That’s when it deactivates your regenerative braking system. It is when it compromises your Electronic Control Unit (ECU), opening up the throttle totally.

    You are dead meat!

    A smartphone having a system glitch is Child’s Play 3 compared to a malware _ orchestrated software glitch on an over_automated vehicle (space or terrestrial)

  6. You do have a point Eye.Bee.Kay, but we know malware cannot just fly into an Android system without the users consent. I’m convinced that all these will be put into consideration by Google and other stakeholders when vetting apps for automobiles before they are released for auto users. Even if those were not considered first, it will only take a couple of accidents for them to go back to the drawing board and fix the security holes. I don’t really think the speculation on possible activities of malicious hackers will stop the new Android invasion from going through, if fact, actual attacks won’t either, it will only slow things down momentarily and everything will be fine again. People still travel on air in the USA after the activities of terrorists in the September 11 attacks.

  7. but we know malware cannot just fly into an Android system without the users consent.

    We know.. . Great.

    The knowledge of yesterday is the crass Ignorance of the future. Our knowledge is a matter of the information available to us.

    Oga Anonymous, this is a car that is more or less an Automotive Android System. If the Android Ecosystem (like any other system) is vulnerable to malware infestation (they all are), we should only pray Terrorists don’t become Techno Terrorists. The impact would be more egregious than mere smartphone / tablet malware infection.

    And in making your submission, you imagine an infection would vehiclel just that particular vehicle, and not be able to auro_infect others . Let’s pray you are right.

    Self driving cars are nice concepts, but also scary concepts when they become real_world ubiquitous.

  8. By the way, I’m the first Anonymous, Mobility blog comment system is messing up. My name was on the name text box and yet it came out as Anonymous when posted.

    Android as we know it isn’t capable on transmitting malware automatically from one phone to the other, there’s always a user action required. those that come via apps will have to declare first the resources they want access to which will enable Google determine whether such app should be published or not. By the way, we are largely speculating, until we see hackers gain access to such systems, we can’t

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