Android squeezes iOS further; takes mobile ad market

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MobileWorld magazine reports that Android OS has finally overtaken iOS in mobile ads revenue. An excerpt from the news item:

Just a few months into 2014 the mobile advertising industry is already showing signs of big shifts in mobile traffic and monetization patterns. Android has for the first time become the biggest platform globally for mobile ad traffic surpassing iOS according to Opera Mediaworks.

Android phones crept up to take the majority market share from the iPhone at the end of 2013, but traditionally iOS as a platform has always captured the most traffic. Now, for the first time, the Android OS has the most traffic (42.8% vs. iOS’s 38.2%) — and it is slowly increasing its mobile ad monetization as well, now accounting for over 33% of revenue compared to 26.7% at this time last year.

This isn’t surprising. After Android took the smartphone marketshare, it was only a matter of time. Step by step, iOS is being hedged into a corner that keeps shrinking. Android also caught up in terms of volume of apps. The only hold that iOS still has left in the smartphone market is the profits, and that too will be taken away from it – sooner or later. It is all a matter of time.


  1. And that’s saying it, According to the Book of Saint Mister_Mobility.

    The Gospel Truth..

  2. Well, as long as Apple keep winning in the profit segment, there’s nothing really for them to worry about. A single company winning an army of Android manufacturers that surpasses their sales by a huge margin is really something. I’m waiting on the day Apple will be relegated to the background in profits too and then maybe Apple will be forced to start changing things around because then, it will be obvious the formula isn’t winning again.

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