Android Studio 1.0 for Android App Developers is out

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Google has officially released Android Studio Version 1.0. This is the offical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android development and has been made available for all the popular operating systems. A beta version was released last year with an avenue for providing feedback, so we can say that this release is the official first stable leak.

first run wizard

Android Studio features:

  • User-friendly setup wizard for installing a compatible Android SDK
  • Optimized emulator for testing apps.
  • Code templates and options to import projects from other apps like Eclipse.
  • Code and resource editing, automatic code completion.
  • Specific UI (user interface) design for various devices.
  • Quick and easy access to Google Cloud Services, and more.

More details on its features are listed here

For those interested in Android app development, beginners or advanced users, downlowd it from HERE.

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