Android surpasses iOS in terms of usage for the first time ever

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MobileOS-Marketshare Recent statistics from Net Applications Network now show that there are more people using Android OS than iOS.

For long now iOS has held the top spot in terms of mobile OS usage while Android has been lagging behind, but long been ahead in terms of market shares, until just last month, recent statistics show that iOS has fallen behind by 1.42% to stay at 44.19% from 45.61%. While Android increased from 43.75% to 44.62% . The statistics shown here have been gotten from traffic going through Net Applications’ Network for some years now.

Though the percentage difference may not be much of a big deal but this just goes to show how fast Android user base has risen from just last year when it’s user base was 25% of where it is now.

However, unlike some major mobile manufacturing carriers of the Android OS, one notably is Samsung who dropped their flagship phone some months ago (Galaxy S5). The numbers might turn around soon when Apple drops their upcoming flagship phone which is the iPhone 6 this fall, in line with a new generation iPads.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone OS also increased from just 1% in April to 2.49% just last month which shows positive growth. Probably with consistent improvement in the right places they will start competing big time against the two dominating mobile OS.

Source: 9to5mac


  1. That was expected… And I will still give it to Apple for holding it down for this long and will come back up soon. IOS only has one model of phone/tablet to run its platform on. Onlike android it has a wide range of manufacturing companies…

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