Earlier today, OlamideMB, a regular here at MobilityArena.com submitted a comment that caught my attention. I found it interesting and think that it is worth

Android this, Android that: It is getting so damn boring already

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Earlier today, OlamideMB, a regular here at MobilityArena.com submitted a comment that caught my attention. I found it interesting and think that it is worth sharing as a blog post so everyone can chime in. Find it reproduced below. I have only edited for clarity.


But seriously, I am so tired of seeing everything being released these days being Android. It is getting so damn boring already.

All are within the 4.7″ and 5.5″ maximum size and all Android this, Android that. Same RAM, same 13 megapixel camera and all. This one is even low at 8MP.

Come tomorrow, another 10 different manufacturers will announce devices that will be released in October to flood the already saturated market again. These guys will keep laying off staff if they continue like this mehn.

Where are the distinguishing OSes or brands asides Apple and BlackBerry? Now, BlackBerry has decided to join the Android league again.

That is an interesting comment; isn’t it?

I must say here that part of the problem is that Windows Phone manufacturers are not getting as much mentions as Android manufacturers are. Just two days ago or so, Acer announced the Liquid M320 and M330, both to be powered by Windows 10 Mobile. There’s also the Acer Jade Primo which will utilise Microsoft’s Continuum which enables it to be used as a PC. I think that announced Windows Phone devices do not get the media attention that Android gets. Maybe MobilityArena.com can commit more to providing them that visibility.

So, we do have some diversity being provided by Windows Phone OS. Still, in my opinion, the smartphone market is right where it was some years ago when Symbian dominated it: a point of saturation and a lot of boredom because one platform so dominated the market.

What of form factor? Slabs everywhere. Boring. We certainly need to see variety in form factor too. I am looking forward to seeing BlackBerry Venice Slider soon. Cool form factor, but again, Android OS. Sorry.

Perhaps the smartphone world is ready for another upheaval from a fresh new OS to shake things up a bit. Will Windows 10 Mobile (arriving later this year) provide that upheaval or shall we look for another? Whatever platform it is, it doesn’t have to become the dominant platform. It only has to once again revolutionize how we use mobile like the iPhone did in 2007.


  1. as you recently stated, the mobile techie crowd is spoilt rotten. you went further to ask if there must be something special about every smartphone released into the market? you also pointed out that standardization is prevalent in many areas of our lives, that we sleep on regular generic beds. commute via regular non-special Danfos every day. yet we don’t hear complaints about the sameness. maybe the fact that we’re looking for excitement in our smartphones is an indication of something deeper or maybe we’re just bored with the sameness that surrounds us. a little novelty is a good thing

  2. I don’t understand what OlamideMB is talking about.

    Hear her:

    All are within the 4.7″ and 5.5″ maximum size and all Android this,

    Wrong statement. Android has the greatest diversity as fat as size is concerned. We know that.

    The Phablet category started first on Android, and other platforms haven’t quite had a complete epiphany regarding this

    Mr Mo once complained about the mobile scene being boring. OlamideMB is here parroting the same falsehood.


    The mobile scene is not boring. You are married to the same wife for thirty years. If the marriage becomes monotonously boring, its not because the sane people are involved, but because those people are not repackaging themselves to remain enthralling.

    To announce this officially, the reason I am able to hang on to the same smartphone far longer than most is because I am constantly renewing my phone with new apps.

    For.people like Mr Mo and OlamideMB who think the same OS (Android) is monotonous, or ElRom who thinks that the same form factor is boring, I want them.to grow some whiskers and SMOKE some coffee

    A phone is a phone is a phone is a phone. A screen is a screen is a screen is a touchscreen. And it doesn’t matter what platform as long long it allows you to keep rejuvenating.your device with a cornucopia of apps… like the wife that adds variety to marriage via attires, surprises, mental and spiritual evolvemen to continually ginger her spouse.

    That’s ALL.

  3. It will take a lot for a new entrant to enter the Smartphone arena and shake things up,Windows and BlackBerry OSes are barely hanging on as it is,the form factor apart the Apps gap is so enormous that I fail to see how anyone else can ever hope to catch up to Android and IOS in the foreseeable future,it will be a welcome development for we the consumers,but I feel that’s wishful thinking for now..

  4. I see you are just justifying the boredom with android I just complained about. 🙂

    I think you are just hiding behind the layers of apps you install to make yourself believe you are not bored of the platform. I’m not an android user yet. Im a diehard BlackBerry fan. Been using BlackBerry for 7 years, and counting now. I’m the Mr Mo of RIM. Used almost all their devices except the ones with the trackpad by the side, even those, I managed to use one for a week before curves started rolling out. I never installed much apps cos I find out I only use them once in a while. As a matter of fact, I DOWNLOAD APPS MOSTLY WHEN I’M BORED. Blackberry got me covered right out of the box most of the time.

    What i’m trying to say is, I never complain about BlackBerry being boring. I may get tired of one phone and purchase another. That’s all. No need for repackaging or remodelling or putting makeup that will be cleaned up at the end of the day. But how do you explain about 70 different phone manufacturers all producing different phones with basically very similar features and all using the same OS with minor tweaks: htc sense this, samsung sense that, stock android those? They can’t all expect to make profit like this if they continue this way. Nokia again is coming next year to join this league next year wt C1.

    There still has to be a revolution and maybe an independent choice of device and OS. Maybe if we are allowed to purchase any device and install any OS, the boredom might go away but right now Sir EBK, I really believe android ecosystem is boring the mobileworld.

  5. LOL, you just said it’s me that has the boredom problem and not android o. Something deeper, Right?


  6. too much said yet nothing said. if it’s boring to u it’s cos u want it to b. everyday I browse dis site n I check out all d phones, with awe n interest mind u. calculating my next phone n enthralled by the ever changing landscape n d fact that android has so much function all that really matters is what’s under d hood n if tis to my satisfaction, n that is why I don’t believe we r spoiled rotten. so many released devices with supposed little differences, but d differences are there, b t price or what have u, differences there to make u choose them. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. n those changing bb like say na pant, u r doing the same thing as changing apps jes costlier cos tho u won’t admit it to yourself, it’s cos u get bored.

  7. Lol, olamidemb, am sure if you had unlimited data you never complain of Android being boring, android and ios have the best app selection, for instance when am bored all I need is vine, its very entertaining, what of popcorn time? Use it to stream movies, pandora? Listen to personalized music, YouTube? You already know that one, so many apps with Internet needed, with all these apps how can one ever be bored? Give me unlimited internet and I would gladly upgrade my android phone every year to support multiple intensive apps simultaneously. Internet is key…

  8. Has anyone heard of the asus zenfone 2 deluxe special edition? 5.5inch, 4gb ram, over 3000mAh battery, dual ACTIVE sim, 4glte,intel quad core, 256GB internal storage with microsd card slot, etc. Yet you say android is boring?

  9. yes, we have. i was about to point out that Android has the greatest range of hardware and form factors, Samsung & LG make flip phones that run Android. once BlackBerry comes on board you’ll have Tier 1 sliders and QWERTY bar phones as well. you really can’t complain about fragmentation and sameness at the same time. if you look beyond the budget tier, you’ll see the diversity

  10. I see the bros complaining about Android being boring is a BlackBerry user.

    I just think you are crying more than the bereaved Sha.

    Specs wise Android is just pushing the envelope and that’s interesting enough for me.

  11. very interesting topic… jes gonna reiterate that android isn’t boring… so also girls aren’t boring (same species different specs) [well at least for we heteros]

  12. I think this is an upgrade from “nothing special”.

    People are interested in what they’re interested in, and if they’re looking for excitement from Android perhaps, as you’ve said 3WT, it could be something deeper.

    I’ll follow what’s happening with Android, but I’m far more interested in what’s happening with BlackBerry, Windows Phone with iOS in there somewhere. And there’s a lot going on with those and other operating systems.

    Maybe people just need to expand their horizons/interests.

  13. Apps on Android didn’t do it for me, especially when I could get better on another operating system (sometimes the same app ran even better).

    Having said that, I’m curious to see what the likes of Wileyfox will bring to the table, as it’s designed so that the user can uninstall “bloatware”. And Blackphone, well, that’s supposed to be ridiculously secure (for a price). There’s a Blackphone 2 due if it isn’t out already, but unless you’re paying attention, you would have missed the memo. And the YotaPhone, the dual screen Android phone that drew so much attention and praise when it came out.

    I get what OlamideMB is saying, but the few niche devices don’t get as publicised as the general, run-of-the-mill phones. The next Samsung Galaxy Note will probably be written and spoken about more than those I’ve mentioned, or the developments with Firefox OS and Jolla.

    It’s worth paying attention to the likes of IFA15 or MWC (Mobile World Congress) if you want to know about more than just Android phones.

  14. There is a comprehension problem here, it seems. NO-ONE has said that Android is boring

    Really? Hear Olamide again:

    But seriously, I am so tired of seeing everything being released these days being Android. It is getting so damn boring already.

    She also said:

    Where are the distinguishing OSes or brands asides Apple and BlackBerry? Now, BlackBerry has decided to join the Android league again.

    Don’t those clearly imply that Android is boring – to Olamide? Even the title says it eloquently enough!

  15. This is so unbelievable. Even EyeBeeKay, our own self-styled grammarian is unable to read properly. The issue clearly expressed is that of lack of variety. By way of example, it is that no matter how awesome you think ice-cream is, if that is all you eat every day, soon you will get tired of it.

    No-one has said that Android OS is boring. The sentiment expressed is the monotonous drone of Android devices being released into the market.

    English comprehension, people. Simple. And if you guys still do not get that, e pele.

  16. I’ve been getting that JavaScript error too when I try to post in the shoutbox.
    And I get “400 Bad Request” when I try to reply to some comments.

  17. Hmm… Plenty comments. I got tired of reading and jumped to the bottom to say my own.
    But…on second thought…who am I to speak when MEN like the venerable Lord EyeBeeKay, the eminent Lady Noni, the (usually brief) Sir Ehis and even the master himself Mr Mo have spoken? (Oh, and the, um, bored OlamideMB…) No, whatever y’all decide (or fail to decide) works for me. 🙂

  18. Saw the 400 error today while trying to reply to one of Ehis’ comments. Saw the JavaScript some time ago, before I created a profile, and, I think, yesterday when I tried to use the shoutbox. The page tells me my browser has disabled cookies and JavaScript but that isn’t true.
    Also, is there a minimum length for comments. Cause I was once told a comment was “too short”.
    This was meant to be a reply to my comment, but I got another 400 error.

  19. Who said anything about data here??? I have ipad air 2 and it runs on as much data as any android device will, I want to believe. So data isn’t my problem pal, same direction of all these manufacturers is.

  20. Mister, if you find it hard to get what i’m trying to explain, I suggest you relax and read my comments again. And try and get what i’m saying.

    The issue I have isn’t with android itself. It’s with the number of manufacturers all churning out devices running androids. It’s so damn much that if you go to computer village looking for an android device (note:android device), not a particular brand or model, you will most likely end up buying what you didnt plan for. There was an article sometime back on this sort of issue on mobilityblog.

    What i’m saying is, these guys are doing the same thing and expect to make profit. Who keeps doing same thing and expects different results?

    As for BlackBerry, adopting android will not solve their problem. Dual OS might interest some of us though. But if they think adopting android will give them the profits they have been searching for for some time, they are in for a long wait.

    Microsoft should really tackle this android trojan head-on as it’s eating into every fabric of manufacturers.

    At this stage, if u still don’t get what i’m saying, really, E PELE.

  21. that’s the thing, there are so many flavors and types of Android (skins & hardware) that it’s rather amusing to read the complaints of sameness. Android’s biggest problem (fragmentation) is as a result of diversity. of course there’s a median range that a majority of devices will fall into (4.7 – 5.5″, 2-3 GB RAM, 5-13 MP cameras etc) and if you’re focusing only on the budget tier you might not see the variety on display. as per form factors, it’s not an Android problem, the candy bar smartphone is the status quo. iOS & Windows Mobile use the same form factor (and in the same display range as well), in fact most new devices irrespective of OS would have specs that fall into that median range of specs. apart from BlackBerry’s BB OS phones with hardware keyboards, Android is the only other platform supporting devices that aren’t in the candy bar form factor

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