Android Tip : Calibrating your Battery for better performance

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The battery life of our Android device is increasingly becoming a factor that we consider when purchasing a smart phone. With all the RAM and high processing power it is unfair that a phone has to last for a few hours before shutting down. For those of us that have an Android device, calibrating the battery might just be the way of getting the best out of our battery.

Calibrate battery

What is Calibration ?

Android OS has an inbuilt battery stats indicator, this feature allows the OS to monitor or keep track of the current battery level on your device. When your phone battery isn’t calibrated, your phone will display wrong battery level because it has detected wrong battery stats.

For instance, when incorrect battery level is detected, your OS will identify that your battery is empty, while in reality, you might have 10% juice left.

How do we Calibrate?

Non-Rooted Users

If your phone is not rooted, or you prefer not to go the rooting path, then is is what you should do

  • Charge your phone till the the battery is full. (Charge for an extra 30 mins even after the phone shows 100%)
  • Unplug your phone, and switch it OFF.
  • Plug the phone back to power, and charge for another 30 mins.
  • Now, switch your device ON again, and repeat the full charge for another 30 mins.
  • Repeat step two and three.
  • Once this is done, use your phone normally till it is completely drained before trying to charge it again.
  • That’s all.

The above steps erases and resets the battery stats to the way it should be. Irregular charging sometimes is the reason behind wrong battery estimation.

Rooted Users

  • Use any file manger that has access to your Root directories.
  • Navigate to /data/system, and find the ‘batterystats.bin‘ file.
  • Delete this file.( Have no fear, it won’t cause any harm to your device)
  • Reboot your phone and charge it uninterrupted till 100%.
  • That’s all.

From hence forth, you should notice improved battery life.


  1. Will our erratic power supply and the need to make calls and incoming calls allow it me do this (non-root user)

  2. Lol. Go and root. Or manage. Do it while you’re in church so no calls. Flight mode.

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