Delete bloatware and move apps to SD card on your Android smartphone

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Doing some things on an Android phone can be somewhat difficult for some people. But then with patience, persistence and search for the right app, you might just get what you’re looking for. Link2SD is an app that claims to be able to delete pre-installed apps, move apps to SD card, and more. It does exactly what it says.

Here are a few important things you can do with Link2SD:

Deleting stock/default or bloatware apps

Simply launch the app, Use the funnel icon to filter out system apps. Then one-by-one, pick out the apps you don’t want, and uninstall them accordingly.


Please be mindful of the system apps you uninstall, so as not to render your phone useless.

Move apps to SD card

When you start getting the ‘internal memory full’ error, this app could be your saviour. Link2Sd can help you move apps to SD card.

Move apps to SD card

Simply use it to force some stubborn apps to SD card storage. Further increasing and freeing up your internal storage space.

Converting user apps to system apps and vice-versa

Also with Link2SD, you can convert system apps to normal user apps. You can also do the same for user apps and convert them to system apps.


Sometimes after installing an app, it starts force closing and dancing awilo :), use Link2SD and move it to system, reboot, it will definitely stop.


1.) You must be rooted for this app to function properly.

2.) Link2SD is full of ads; purchase the full version to eliminate the ads or use it with your data switched off.

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