Ever been expecting an SMS alert of a bank deposit and the likes of MTN chose that exact period to send not one, not two,but

Android Tip: How to get rid of spam texts

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Ever been expecting an SMS alert of a bank deposit and the likes of MTN chose that exact period to send not one, not two,but upward of three spam texts? You’re not alone. To say the least, spam messages are annoying, and have become more rampant in recent years. I once called a customer care line to complain about the menace, the reply was that nothing could be done about it.

Had to dig deep to find a way of mitigating this problem, and thankfully, Go SMS Pro came to the rescue. First download and install Go SMS Pro from your preferred app store, or google it for a download link, and here’s how to set it up:

  • Open the app and touch the top left icon that looks like an avatar placeholder

1select blocker

  • Select the ‘blocker’ option from the list that appears
  • Touch the top right (settings) icon

2select settings

  • Turn off ‘Notify when blocked message’, and exit the app

3turn off notify

Adding numbers to blacklist

Whenever you receive a new spam message from the likes of 5030, 5021 and the likes, without opening the message:

  • Long press on it till a green tick appears beside it
  • From the context menu that pops up at the bottom of the app, select ‘more’
  • Select ‘Add to blacklist’.
  • Select ‘Ok’.

4long press-horz

The above procedure can also be applied to previously received/read messages, and all previous messages from any blacklisted number will be removed from your inbox.

Go SMS Pro doesn’t prevent spam numbers from texting you, rather it intercepts messages from numbers in your blacklist and prevents them from getting to your inbox. With blacklist notifications turned off you can live in peace, with no buzzes of silly, irrelevant messages.

Its effects is noticed after say a month or two after you must have blocked virtually all the spam numbers, your sanity will definitely be restored. I have 44 numbers already on my blacklist, and since then spam messages are a thing of the past.

Editor’s Note: They say there are many ways to kill a rat, and that applies to the above. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways and apps used to block spam messages. You too can share with us how you handle SPAM text messages. Thanks to Dara Oladosu for sending this in.


  1. The downside.?

    You will get to miss truly qqinformative and useful sms sometimes.

    I’d rather bear the spam…

  2. you can do this with Hangouts, also instead of blocking the nu. be totally you can shut off notifications for numbers that sometimes send important information but send messages too often

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