In an earlier post, we touched on why your Android device is hanging, lagging or freezing. If you own a phone that runs slow or

Android Tip: How to make your slow phone run faster

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In an earlier post, we touched on why your Android device is hanging, lagging or freezing. If you own a phone that runs slow or sluggish, in this article, we look at how you can make your phone run faster.

How to make your phone faster

Below are the measures you need to take to make your slow, freezing or hanging phone, operate faster:

Without Root

  • Restart your phone regularly, it helps free up memory. You can go farther by removing the battery for about 10 seconds, slot it back and then boot the phone.
  • Uninstall any app you don’t use.
  • For worst case scenarios, a factory reset would be best to do.

With Root

For clarification, rooting as it is won’t make your phone run faster or perform faster. But it gives you the necessary privileges to the apps and tweaks that will make your phone perform faster. So as a rooted guy, here are things you can do to achieve greater speeds:

  • Uninstall Bloatware: Bloatware are manufacturer pre-installed apps on your Android phone which can only be removed with root permission. Further steps on uninstalling bloatware can be found HERE.
  • Greenify: This is an awesome must have root app for Android users. It simply auto-hibernates any app you’re not using. Increasing performance and saving battery life.
  • Overclocking: is the process of tweaking your CPU for higher performance. You need to be sure your phone kernel supports overclocking before trying this.
  • Clearing Logs: Every activity on a phone gets logged and the log files accumulate and consume memory. Deleting these log files will free up lots of memory and make your Android phone run faster. See how to clear phone logs HERE.
  • Moving apps to SD Card: This step is necessary if you have a small internal storage space of say 1GB. Set the default app installation location to SD card. Go to Settings > Storage > Set default write disk to SD Card. If this doesn’t work, follow this tutorial on Link2SD.

make your phone faster

In Summary:

  • Restart your Android from time to time, it helps free up memory space.
  • Avoid installing too many apps (You probably don’t use)
  • Chill with the use of live wallpapers and 3D launchers.
  • Be careful with apps,ROM’s you install/ flash, especially after rooting.
  • Wipe unnecessary files regularly with Clean Master or SD Maid
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  1. For most users, there is no need for an antivirus app or a task manager. Task managers in particular are useless on Android; the OS is smart enough.

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