Android Tip: How to Uninstall Bloatware Apps

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This tutorial article walks you through practical steps to Uninstall Bloatware Apps your Android smartphone. When a phone is just purchased (especially Android phones), and after booting it up for the first time. Going through the apps, you immediately notice that some of them are useful, and some others aren’t. These apps you deem not useful to you could be termed as bloatware.

Uninstall Bloatware Apps

What we call bloatware might vary from person to person, but it still boils down to unwanted apps. To be able to uninstall bloatware, you must be rooted. If you aren’t, then this post is not meant for you. Next step is to get an app that will help you uninstall these bloatware. Good examples are: Link2SD and ES File Explorer.

We’ll use ES File Explorer to describe the procedure:

Step 1: Open ES File Explorer, Tap the top right hand Menu, Select Library and Click on APP.

Step 2: Click on User Apps, a drop down menu appears, Click on System Apps.

Step 3: Select the apps you don’t want and tap Uninstall. Easy pie!

Note: There are core system apps your shouldn’t touch. They always have the Android logo icon on them (see logo on screenshot circled with green).

There might be many more ways or apps used to perform this procedure. Using this app is easy anyways. Also read- Feel the magic powers of Link2SD . Might be helpful too.


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  1. And there’s my problem with Android – why MUST you have to tolerate bloatware in the first place? And root to get rid of it? I honestly don’t get it.

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