Android Tip: How to read your lost notifications

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On our Android phones, we get to see notifications by swiping down from the top of the screen downwards. Sometimes, we mistakenly swipe away these notifications and wish we didn’t. This comes in handy especially when you want to read a message(or its excerpt) without having to directly open the app. There’s a little trick on how you can view previous notifications but sadly it has only been tested to work on stock or close-to-stock flavors of Android and/or with Nova Launcher installed.

STEP 1: Long tap on your Home screen and select Shortcuts, when it opens, scroll down and select settings shortcut.


STEP 2: Settings shortcut opens and presents to you a list of options, select Notifications, and next you see a notification wheel on your home screen.

Notifications 2

STEP 3 : Tap on the wheel and all your past notifications appears for you to peek at. Subsequently, you can leave the shortcut on your home screen for future use.

Notifications 3


  1. For those who are rooted and and are running the Exposed Framework, there is an eXposed Module called


    The module allows you to pin important notifications to avoid clearing them by mistake.

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