Android Tip: Track all your App Updates with APK Track

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It’s a fact that not every Android users loves visiting Google Play Store. Many don’t even have it installed (including me at some point). We are mostly glued to Google Play Store because of it’s one major function, which is that we get prompts for app updates. This is where APK Track comes in.

It’s a lightweight app that does the simple job of checking the latest updates to all your installed apps. It just notifies you of the update with it’s version number. But it doesn’t download the updates automatically, having you to go online and hunt the apk.

Apk Track (2)

  • Simply tap the cyclic arrow button at the top right side of the app to scan through app your apps.

Apk Track (1)

  • Lol :lol; it appears most of my apps need to be updated.

Apk Track (3)

  • APK Track also let’s you enable background checks, and also to select a preferred search engine for APKs.

Download APK Track HERE



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