Last week, I got a notice that I had used up my 10GB Smile 4G subscription. That wouldn’t have been news, save that the subscription

Angry Birds; Angry Dad: the travails of home WiFi

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Last week, I got a notice that I had used up my 10GB Smile 4G subscription. That wouldn’t have been news, save that the subscription was less than two weeks old. I usually am able to stretch that plan across four full weeks so I stay within my budget. I use my subscription via a router, so I can connect multiple devices at home.

Yesterday evening, I observed my power rangers, Boy Mo and Girl Mo, playing a game of Angry Birds on their mom’s tablet. My biological hard drive went into hyper mode and it didn’t take me long to figure out where my data went. To confirm, I asked Boy Mo a simple question: “When did you download that game?”

His response: “Last week.”

Here was the expression on my face at that point:
Angry Bird
You could hear a pin drop anywhere in the house.

Mo: How many games did you download?
Boy Mo (after pretending to be counting the games on the tablet): There are four games here.
Mo: That is not the question that I asked you.
Boy Mo: I downloaded four (4) games.

I had my answer already. I was only fishing for details. Those two pre-teen spawns of Mo were responsible for my missing data. Trust me: I know them both. Both kids are heavily into games. A father’s intuition told me that Boy Mo had “toned down” the actual number of games, and that they would also have downloaded quite a number of audio and video files. As I crawled to bed last night after my old bones began to creak hard and complain, I quickly picked up the tablet and counted eight (8) games and two (2) other new apps. Six of the games were various versions of Angry Birds. I stopped there and staggered to bed.

I also noticed something else: there was an ugly-looking crack that ran from one side of the tablet’s display to the other. It wasn’t there the last time I held that tablet, which was a little over a week earlier when Mrs. Mo asked me to connect it to the home WiFi. I suspect that Mrs. Mo will have that same Angry Bird look on her face when she discovers that crack – if she hasn’t already.

But at least, I have closure now. I know where my data went. I have changed the password on the home WiFi. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I will be off to church next Sunday to join in praying and fasting for this Ebola thing to go away fast. Those kids are less a menace when their schools are in session.


  1. Lwkmdie Ooooooooo.

    Pray The Ebola Away, So The Kids Can Go Away To Their School And The Doctors Can Have Better Systolics?

    By The Way, Why Are Our Isps In Nigeria So Selectively Stingy And Selectively Generous?

    Don’t Some Network Providers Give Some “Individuals Of Power” Lines That Don’t “Count”? Those Lines Can Make Calls 24/7, With Zero Billing.

    What’s Wrong With Some ISP Saving Mr Mo The Expense Of Monthly Data Costs ?

    What, Indeed?

  2. Mr Mo I feel your pain, like you I too discovered a hairline crack on madams iPad, courtesy of my 2 little madams. Thankfully they have not been able to decode our passwords yet and as such my angry bird look quickly turned into a smile after reading ur article.

  3. Must Our Devices’ Screen Be Made Of Glass?

    No Transparent Material That Is Not Made Of Glass?

    If The Manufacturers Succeed In This And Extended_Tech Battery Life, We Would Have Mobile Bliss.

    Rather Than Sony And Samsung Boring Us With Wateroroof Devices, A Truly Shatter_Proof Device Will Draw Serious Applause.

  4. I use Cobranet ISP, comes with free browsing from 10pm to 8am daily. I Introduced a better featured router to my LAN, used it to restrict access to the net from 8am to 10pm by default, using static IP or MAC addresses.That way, they have access to other resources on the network except Internet. I grant access to the net for them only when there is a need.

  5. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    Hilarious. Good post Mr. Mo.

    Permit me to go and stitch meSplit sides now. Wow.
    Made my day.

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