Congratulations to the developers and all lovers of the Angry Birds game, as the game took home two Appy awards. Angry birds is a puzzle

Angry Birds: Best Game App

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Congratulations to the developers and all lovers of the Angry Birds game, as the game took home two Appy awards. Angry birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile.

Rovio’s Angry Birds won the best game app and the main award for best app of the year at London’s Appy awards.

The public voted Angry Birds for best game, while the judges voted it the app of the year.

Facebook and Google were also among winners of the day.

Angry Birds is available on Symbian, Android, iOS, and Maemo mobile platforms.

Have you played Angry Birds? On what mobile device? How do you rate it? Is it one of your favourite mobile games?


  1. I have played it on my Android, awesome! I also checked it out on Nokia, I think the android version is swift and fast. It really deserve the award. But for naija, our developers are working on developing “Angry Cow”. Let the hacking begin!

  2. played angry birds a bit on the iOS. Didn’t much like it and still don’t understand the hype surrounding it but congrats to the developers all the same.

  3. Angry Birds is currently my best Game.

    I have played it on iPad 1 and LG optimus 1.

    Love the game so much. Until you play it you cant believe how interestingly addictive it can be.

    My next plan is to play it on the big screen TV in my leaving room.

  4. Games. Hmm. Never been a fan of games, even on computers. The only games I have are draught and chess – played very infrequently.

    Perhaps I will try and see just what is making these birds so angry!

  5. Yes, Angry Birds is undoubtedly a great game. On the N8, I’ve played the regular Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and I’m currently enjoying Angry Birds Rio. It can get addictive.

    However, it’s not my favorite game. That honor jointly goes to GALAXY ON FIRE, and FRUIT NINJA.

  6. I have played Angry Birds on the N900 and N8. Great game. I particularly like it because you have to do some thinking and calculations and apply certain laws of Physics in the gameplay.

  7. Play Angry Birds on my Samsung Galaxy. Very good relaxation game for a non-gamer like me. And not forgetting the application of the laws of Physics as pointed out by Yomi.

  8. Last year I was an angry birds fiend even hooked up lcd through the N8 4 a better gaming experience but thank goodness I was able to overcome my addiction though I should complete Rio version 2day or sleek game, not for the dumb headed…

  9. its a great game. my wife who is not given to playing games at all since the day I met has become addidcted to the game since the very first day she played it. always asking for my galaxy s when we get home so as to play angry birds. come to think of it…a free game in every market platform won the best price? then where are all the paid games with high development budgets?

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