Anita Baker calls out Apple Music over use of her work

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Apple Music appears to be rubbing off musicians wrongly these days. Remember the Taylor Swift versus Apple Music matter? This time, it is between Apple Music and multiple Grammy singer, Anita Baker, who has lashed out at Apple for advertising her music without having any deals with her.

Anita Baker

Anita’s tweets:

Apparently, Apple Music advertised their service on Twitter and mentioned Anita’s name or music. But what exactly is the full extent of Apple Music’s actions? Was it just a case of name-dropping/false advertising or does the service really have her music illegally? We will bring you the juicy details as soon as we get our hands on them.


  1. I would presume that there has to be some kind of copyright agreement with the artiste/recording company to feature their music. Some artistes have the recording copyright, if there has been no agreement between the service and the owner of the recording, then there’s a problem.

    This is interesting when you consider that independent musicians were expected to give up any royalties for the first few months when their music was tied to Apple Music. It will be interesting to see what “illegality” Apple Music has been involved with in relation to Anita Baker’s music.

  2. She is not likely to get anything from the case. There is always a body that collects royalty on behalf of musicians from third-party marketers.

    That’s the people she has case with, not Apple.

  3. Femiblaze unless we know the details we can’t say. Like I said, many artists have set themselves up as a company that royalties are paid to them, not to any other body collecting on their behalf. Many musicians over the past 30 years have gotten wise to this.

    It also depends on which body of Ms Baker’s music that has been “pirated”, the arrangements in place, and with whom. I don’t think she would call out Apple Music if there wasn’t some complicity involved.

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