• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Another day, another Facebook privacy hoax

I am not very active on Facebook these days. But today, I had some time on my hands today and headed there. One after the other, I saw status updates from different contacts that spoke about some Facebook privacy issue. The summary of these updates is that supposedly from the first of July 2016, Facebook would make public everything users have ever posted and exploit them commercially. The updates include some statement supposedly denying Facebook permission to use the users’ “pictures, information, messages or posts, both past and future”.

Just another Facebook Privacy Hoax

Crap. Pile of lies. I wonder who cooks these things up.

Facebook privacy hoax

But more surprising is the fact that that supposedly educated people copied and pasted these updates. Supposedly intelligent people. If I got a dollar for every Facebook privacy hoax that has come along in the last few years, I would be richer than Mark Zuckerberg by now. I swear.

Honestly, if Facebook was really going to do such a thing, it is amusing that some people believe that posting an update of these sort will protect them from the move? Really? One would think that the sensible move would be for them to delete all their content and then delete their Facebook accounts. No?

People need to stop believing these hoaxes and making a fool of themselves.

Oh; think twice. Its just another day and another Facebook privacy hoax.


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