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Earlier on this year, we did a spotlight on Globacom’s new website, pointing out the fact that it was more of a status symbol because it provided no useful information for subscribers.

We are glad to bring you an update, and it is good news. What has been done now is that the site has been split up into two main sections – “Corporate” and “Nigeria”. The “Nigeria” section of the website contains useful information about all services and products of the GSM giant, while the “Corporate” section features corporate info.

gloworld select siteThere is a drop-down menu at the top-right section of the homepage from where you select which of the two main sections that you want to go. There’s also now a search box, allowing users to find information quickly. But note that the box searches only whatever section of the site you are in.

Need any information on Glo products and services? Head over to the new

Good job, Glo!


  1. Good for Glo users.
    Sign of good things to come.
    Hope other providers wake up and improve as well.

    Thanks alireta for being consumers’ watch dog.

  2. The Site appears fair. But there is still room for improvement. As far as I am concerned, they should adopt the simplistic outlay of Starcomms website. Or Do something more intuitive. And of course better. They shouldn’t reproduce what Microsoft did on Windows phone 7.

    Copying Apple’s iphone to the extreme, even at the cost of removing multi-tasking. All in the guise of a flashy operating system, and then eliminating a vital function as multi-tasking! My advice is a less ostentatious site. You can be colourful but that should not be at the expense of practicality.

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