Early this morning, I got a headsup from bosun99uk via Twitter notifying me of a Starcomms Android tablet named myPad. According to the tweet, the

Another Nigerian Android Tablet – myPad from Starcomms

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Early this morning, I got a headsup from bosun99uk via Twitter notifying me of a Starcomms Android tablet named myPad.

According to the tweet, the tablet runs Android version 2.1, has a 10.1-inch display, is packaged with a free iZap wifi internet router and free 3 months internet subscription. The package is said to cost N75,000.

I was able to source for the image below:
Starcomms mypad
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Oh,notice the hilarous part – the tweet says that Starcomms used the picture of an iPad to advertise their tablet. Yup, that is certainly an iPad in that picture – notice the Apple icons on a supposedly Android tablet. Hope Apple won’t sue. What happened? Haven’t Starcomms taken delivery of a copy of the tablet they are advertising?

No other details on the device yet, but we are hunting. Hang around.

There is already an ongoing discussion in the forums: MyPad from Starcomms


  1. thanks yomi!
    some weeks ago,one Bola-a starcomms staff in Kaduna here told me of this i pad cum my pad.Lost the breaking news edge, because i thought that a Hisense touchscreen android phone would be their next joker.But i am suprise that an i pad will be running android?

  2. I have always said our CDMA operators are not proactive.

    I hope this is about to change, because I know they have the power to compete with the GSM conterpart.

    Am sure the tablet is customised for Starcomms, so one can conclude that this is the 3rd Niga Tablet.

  3. okay now! one does not need a suit sayer to let you know that 2011 would be the year of mobile technology and mobile solutions at a great speed. with the social convo going on hitting the roofs in 2011. get ready, lets go.

    Those that can’t afford very expensive high end phones would crave for it, and I for-see deals, that would help them get ir, like the type offered in mobilityNigeria store. DUMBphones are near their ***death.

  4. I posted this in the forum and might as well say it here also.

    I suspect the thing has wifi conectivity only hence the inclusion of their wifi router. These guys will not just give you a router worth over N30,000 plus 3 months izap inclusive all for N75,000 without a good reason

    The combined cost of the router plus the 3 months unlimited izap alone is more than the N75,000 asking price, meaning you are getting it for free.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed. A quick question though. Do they have wifi coverage everywhere in Lagos?

  6. No Dayo, you will most likely have to generate your wifi.

    Unless proven otherwise, i submit that what Starcomms is offering is a “no name” Chinese product like the type being offered here; http://www.lightinthebox.com/wholesale-Android-Tablets_c4781

    Personally, i will not in anyway condemn the product, moreso since i have yet to try my hands on any. But the fact remains that not everyone can afford the N90k Samsung tab being peddled for N125k by etisalat.

    Effectively, Starcomms is charging only about N36,000 for this product if you remove the cost of the wifi router (N24,000) and the 250 hours internet access (N15,000). The device is fully featured, has much more better specs than the ipad. Of course, we all know that the ipad is highly overpriced.

    Just like the chinese phones, the unbranded chinese tablets are here to stay and it would afford those with limited cash flow a feel of technological advancements of our times!

  7. This appears to be a winner because of the 3-months free data services, but there is a little BUT!

    First of all, the Android device has no specifications apart from screen size and Memory. Then, what is not to say that it is not a cheap product from China? I then took the liberty of Googling “Mypad, Android” and found out that it is a 7 inch resistive screen device!

    The question is if the Starcomms Mypad tablet was made by a Company specifically for it? WOuld the User experience be slow or buggy? Or would it be comparable, at least 70% to the ultimate ipad and Galaxy tab? DUNNO.

    bUT, yOMI, I request you inform Starcomms officially to loan you a unit! It would be good to have it layed bare and nude on mobility Nigeria to allow Nigerian have a preview before buying! 75, 000 NGN is no small money!

  8. I second the motion raised by Afewgoodmen.

    If they refuse thier could be something fishing.

    @Yomi hope its possible.

  9. starcomms say the ‘mypad’ is a 10.2inch touchscreen,so it may not be a 7inch.I did online forensics,the best I got was a prelim conclusion that the ‘mypad is a chinese andriod clone,made by one of starcomms partners-the huwaeis etc
    if it is so,then be sure that it lags when put to work,wont work with some MS os etc.except starcomms took care of these issues

  10. jujukemist,

    The news article does not say that it is a7-inch device.

    @all: I mailed Starcomms yesterday but got a delivery failed notification arising from a full mailbox. Anyone here have contacts inside?

  11. Hi, its definatley a wifi option.
    cant wait for someone to give a real review of it.
    I expect the gsm operators to follow suit with an ipad clone that has 3g.
    basically killing those indigenous start ups before they even start.

  12. i was respondin to a AFEWGOODMEN’comment above.
    I have a starcomms’staff number-if it may help you

  13. Just got some new infor from Starcomms Customer Care
    It comes with Android 2.1 (upgradable) but no info on when
    This Model is WIFI only
    It has a Stylus, so there is 90% probability that it is Resistive Screen not Capacitive.
    It has HDMI and micro sd slot.
    It will have access to the Android Market (I find it hard to believe)
    It has 256MB RAM
    It has a 2MP front facing camera only (am surprised it has no camera at the back)
    No info on Processor.
    Their main marketing point was that “it comes with wifi router and izap plus 250hrs for 3months which you can share to 5devices, and these would have cost you 40,000naira.

  14. This is a very sub par product and I believe starcomms itself is a bit ashamed of it (notice the lack of promotion of it even on their web site).

    Friend of mine got it last week, took it for a spin and believe me am not touching it again

  15. If you really worked hard for your money, please, I advise you not to go near this product (Starcomms mypad) not even with a 1000 metre pole.

    I have one at the moment and it’s so terrible. The processing speed is so slowwwwwwwwwww and annoying. I rarely bring out mine to use cos I’ll end up getting annoyed. Most times, I feel like smashing it on the floor. But for the fact that it was given to me as a gift, I would have sold it or given it out long ago. Anywayz, that’s what you get from chinco products.

    If anyone’s so desirous of a tablet pc (MID), just save up and jejeli go for the apple ipad.

  16. @Albert A.

    I feel you.

    Who ever experiences/sees the touch interface and apps on the iPad will never want anything less.

  17. hello.i am simpling hanging out here with the new mypad starcomms device.man very col.go get one for yourself man.

  18. how can i access wifi/internent on my android tablet in kaduna, the package you mention earlier is it still applicable on the same amount? if yes for how long will i be able to access it after getting the package?

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