Nokia and Symbian sure are losing mindshare in the market at an alarming rate. We brought you news of the closure of Symbian-Guru. Well, another

Another pro-Symbian Site, World of Nokia closes

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Nokia and Symbian sure are losing mindshare in the market at an alarming rate. We brought you news of the closure of Symbian-Guru. Well, another pro-Symbian, pro-Nokia site, World of Nokia, has announced its closure (actually before the Symbian-Guru announcement).


From the official announcement:

The software continues to be bug filled on these new £500 devices and the final straw for a lot of people was the disaster called the Nokia N97 which at £50 a month in the UK some places to get free was far too overpriced and only once the new software came out at last year’s Nokia World could people finally start taking it seriously……..but also at the same time as announcing a software update they announce the N97 Mini (again the same phone but just bits missing and smaller) and the N900 which also will not be getting the MeeGo update everyone was hoping for.

What seems to have happened in the last 2 years is Android started off really small but with a great idea, listened to its users and developers and now here we are on Android 2.2 with services even Apple would like to have thought of. And speaking of Apple there is a new iPhone due next month which will as normal be the main talking point of the mobile industry and be a device all manufacturers try to beat (when was the last time someone called a device a N97 Killer??)

Really looking at the mobile industry it has moved on, other players have moved with the times and Nokia is still dragging it’s heels, you only need to see the large quantity of Nokia fans who have parted ways with the company and moved onto a different platform such as Android or iPhone.

It is the same script; just from a different cast.

Nokia is not dead. Symbian is not dead. But they sure both are slumbering, and for too long. This can turn out to be a very expensive sleep. Nokia and Symbian need to read between the lines.

‘Nuff said.


  1. I dont understand what the mobile environment is turning into.I mean is it the Tupac/Biggie, WEST SIDE/EAST SIDE thing.For God sake this is a free world, let people choose the phones they dim fit.I suspect some shadowy group are bent on bringing down NOKIA and are using all this Bloggers to achieve their agenda.The other time Eldar Mutazin of mobile review condemned N8 but the world is still expecting the multimedia monster.I have had my hands on n97 and Iam yet to understand why all the so much negative impressions.Yomi has been telling us endless good things about N900 and more than 90% of nigerians continue to buy nokia including even chinese phone just because they have nokia writen on them.Android and apple devices are in various shops in ABUJA including htc,nexus one and even apple ipad in AMISTAD in Emab plaza but no one cares.I mean ,this makes a whole lot of sense to me.Symbian guru and sundry can not decide for me.If mobile phones were to be for apple,android, Or Rim how many of us will have phone in our hands today.Thank you nokia we appreciate your efforts for laying a platform for phones to do all that they do 2day.

  2. Abubakar,

    No shadowy group or individual is using bloggers to bring Nokia down. Nokia sowed this seed with their own hands year after year. Even die-hard Nokia advocate sites like All About Symbian criticise (though usually in more subdued tones) Nokia’s track record with high-end devices in recent times. If your N97 isn’t giving any of the typical problems, you must have a “faulty” unit or you don’t use it much.

    Yes; I have glowing things to say of the N900, but did you follow the agonising I did before settling to buy it? I had been bitten hard by Nokia in the past and had to scrutimise this device before making that decision. The N900 is a pleasant SURPRISE from Nokia.

    Even at that, isn’t it stupid to put a 1320 mAh battery in a power-hungry always-on device like the N900? Did Nokia test the battery life of this thing before shipping? Why not a 1500 mAh battery? Also, the first firmware did not support USSD codes, among other missing features, meaning that early adopters could not load airtime or check credit. On a device this expensive!

    Don’t get me started. Believe me, it looks like Nokia has a death wish.

    A friend purchased the Nokkia X6 recently and was complaining from day one that opening a few apps resulted in out-of-memory errors. The X6 is a high-end Symbian device from Nokia.

    True: millions of low-end devices from Nokia are sold and used by happy owners, but when a manufacturer’s top-grade devices are this crippled from the factory, people are bound to make noise. Let them air their grievances. They pay good money to buy those phones. And those bloggers walking away have invested hours of time and a lot of money running those sites.

    If Nokia wants to do low-end only, let them do so and stop aggravating people who pay heavilly for their flagships. But that was Alcatel’s strategy. Look where Alcatel is today. Puff.

    Don’t give these guys abandoning Nokia and/or Symbian a bad name by insinuating that they are doing this for cash. If Mobility Nigeria had been a Symbian-focused site, I would have given it up too and opened another website pushing Android or the iPhone. Think about that.

    Nokia should show more respect for their fans and advocates by turning out credible high-end devices. Don’t make up conspiracy theories around this. There is none. With the crippled flagship devices being shipped by Nokia, they do not need a conspiracy theory.

  3. N900’s maemo OS is great, but is not polished. Secondly the phone’s design is not attractive. It’s alright if a few “geeks” find the this phone irresistible, i am sure Nokia is very disappointed with the sales figure unless they intended to sell just a few units. High-end phones are mass market commodity as have been proven by Apple’s Iphones and some htc’s and Motorola’s Droid. Meego looks very promising. What Nokia needs is now is to work on it’s design. The Iphone has set a stardard.

  4. Unlike my Oga Deoladoctor, I do not like a phone all due to its “features”. What engenders me to a phone is HOW THOSE features are implemented in the UI. A phone can claim to have all the features in the world but may be buggy, The progress in the UI may not be swift enough and may be difficult to access simple taken-for-granted features that may be ingrained deep in the UI/OS (over 3 -6 layers of sub-menus)and user dexterity and phone maneuvaerablity may be sacrificed under the alter of “features”. The best phone now should have all of these. Features, hardware, and impeccable UI. Like of today, No Nokia phone can boast of a 512MB RAM and a 1GHz CPU!

    Like the author suggested, manufacturers should LISTEN to users’ input/likes. That is what has made the iphone and Android the superpower they are now. More software developers troop to them than Windows phone7 or Nokia Symbian. Why? Ask again.

    According to the author and I agree, I have never heard of the N97 killer. Why? Because the N97 was never a superphone force to reckon with. Even now, we still hear the term of “iphone killer”. The issue is more compounded because there is no NOKIA/Symbian phone in top end smartphone in the market now. The N97 was abysmal in reception and sales.

    Yes, Nokia has to get on their feet. They need to show the world that they are the first. They need innovate. Do something new, instead of playing catch up. They need to come up with NEW catch phrases. Like Apple “developed” a “Retina Display” for their iphone. Something like that. Something new, ingenuity.

    @ Yomi (previous article); I won’t be surprised if Apple comes out with a 2nd iphone (?5) next year (2011), with a side slide out QWERTY and Steve Jobs claiming that APPLE invented the QWERTY keyboard. Just responding to your wistful request. Lol.

  5. I dont like to do this often but i must say that Nokia N97 is disappointing.

    The GPS is bad, ok that is internal and you might not use it frequently but what of the camera case that scratches the camera lens.A flagship device that is still sold for around 70k.

    One thing i always say is that Nokia uses price for market penetration and that is why we have half baked smartphones from Nokia. Many of us in Nigerian use Nokia because that is the best we know, have around us everywhere or we can afford. You need to check out iOS4, Android, WebOS or even BB. Users generally prefer this OS to Symbian worldwide.

    As for Nokia N900 thumbs up, in fact users say ‘with the experience of N900 one is convinced that Nokia does not have a problem in making good phone’. (Though it has its little stuff but the device is still ok.)

    Because I am a lover of gadgets and not anybody fanboy I still have my eyes on Nokia and i feel the impressions they are creating with N8 is good and Meego is also coming.

    Till then ‘All eyes on Nokia to perform’.

  6. There is a new pic taken by the N8’s camers on Gsmarena. The photo is sweet. The picture is about a butterfly perching on some blades of grass. Perhaps Nokia would redeem itself with the Nokia N8. I am almost getting impatient for its release!

  7. The picture is wonderful yo can see everything on the butterfly.

    I Cant wait.

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