Another Re-Branding Exercise Looming at 0802/0808?

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234next reports in a news item this morning that Kuwait-based telecom company Zain Group has announced its intentions to sell off its African mobile networks.

zainIf this happens, we can expect another change of name, and another round of re-configuration for internet services (no!) on the 0802/0808 network.

0802/0808 started out in Nigeria as Econet Wireless, transitted to Vodacom for a brief stinct, then to Vmobile, on to Celtel, and now Zain. What’s next? The plot thickens, surely.


  1. I heard that Vivendi, the 2nd largest telecommunication operator in France, is set to acquire d African arm/operations of Zain.
    Zain subscribers, brace urselves for another round of rebranding.

  2. Ah! So chances are that we end up with “Vivendi Nigeria”? I hope many Nigerians do not bite their tongues on that one :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the extra info.

    Meanwhile, news reports say that if the French deal does not work out, Zain will explore proposals from operators in – wait for it – India and China!

    There we go…

  3. Is like vodafone is rearing its head in nigerian telecom market. With the current $12bn bidding for Vivendi to acquire Zain africa and vodafone having more than 40% stakes in Vivendi there are speculations going on that its subsidiary vodacom in south africa is involve in the talks. All the same with the finance and the expertise of the france company, surely things shall be well.But nigeria shall experience another rebranding even if it is yet to adapt to the current name ZAIN.

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