As reported on “It’s oftentimes easy for us to get swept up in Android mania and forget that Google’s mobile platform is still in

Another report – iPhone has 3 times the Android marketshare in U.S.

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android vs iphone
As reported on

“It’s oftentimes easy for us to get swept up in Android mania and forget that Google’s mobile platform is still in its infancy. Then we get cold hard numbers like these — showing iPhone OS owning 28 percent of the US Smartphone market and closing in on RIM’s leading 35 percent — and we face up to the realization that Android handsets still account for less than one in every ten Smartphones owned by Americans today.”

Engadget was reporting on the Nielson Company’s findings on the Android versus iPhone marketshare battle.

From the Nielson report:

Between Q4 ’09 and Q1 ’10, Android and iPhone’s share of the smartphone market grew by 2% each. At the same time, smartphone leader Blackberry lost 2% share to fall to 35% of all smartphones while Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS also lost 2% to fall to 19%.

Apparently, Android and iPhone devices are eating away into RIM’s Blackberry marketshare in the US and Android is yet to catch up with the iPhone in terms of total sales. This contradicts an earlier claim by NPD that Android had overtaken iPhone in the US market.

Readers will also be interested in Apple’s refutal of the NPD figures, of which Engadget rightly pointed out that Apple was “not disputing NPD’s report here — rather, they’re simply trying to change the subject, as any properly-trained PR department would.

Another intriguing fact in this research was that there is strong loyalty amongst Android and iPhone owners/users. This insight from the research shows that 80 percent of iPhone owners and 70 percent of Android owners express a preference for the same OS in their next phone.

In contrast, Microsoft and RIM’s loyalty numbers stood at 34 and 47 percent respectively.

The Nielson report covers the US only and does not reflect global trends. The U.S. remains a small fraction of the global smartphone market, where both Android and iPhone, while growing, remain small players.

Here in Nigeria, both platforms have an insignificant standing with the smartphone market massively dominated by Symbian, followed from a distance by RIM (BlackBerry) and Windows Mobile.


  1. @yomi. I can see that you did well to further refine the article. Thanks!

    What I can say on this research is that the Apple WWDC Conference announcement/findings would either break Apple or make it better with a greater market share.

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