In case you thought otherwise, this piece is another Infinix HOT 2 review. Oh yes, we had to do this, despite the fact that we’ve

Special Review: Infinix Hot 2 running official Infinix ROM

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In case you thought otherwise, this piece is another Infinix HOT 2 review. Oh yes, we had to do this, despite the fact that we’ve written so much about this phone. Our other devices are probably envious with jealousy. But hey, we don’t hoard any information that demands sharing. There are many things about this device we get to see daily and this one was too good to ignore.

Infinix X510 Hot 2

What prompted this review?
You see eh, the Infinix HOT came as part of Google’s Android One project. This means that the phone runs stock Android software (or Android One ROM). It would interest you to know that Infinix made another (official) ROM for this software. In simpler terms, this phones’ user interface is not the regular Infinix interface you are used to. Infinix made available their proprietary XUI for this phone.

I knew about this but ignored it until now. Boredom set in, I flashed the ROM and behold, there’s so much to be share on it.

To get this ROM:

  • Proceed to Infinix support site HERE.
  • Select Step 1– Software Updates.
  • In Step 2, select your preferred device – this time it’s the Infinix HOT 2
  • The software versions open up to you. For those still on Android Lollipop try the TF card method, but if you’ve upgraded to Marshmallow, pick the Laptop method.
  • Android 5.1 for HOT2 is what we are looking for, and that’s the software version reviewed below.
  • Download the study guide HERE and flash tool HERE, follow the steps in the study guide, and you’ll be good to go.

Mobility Disclaimer

  • Remember, Mobility is not responsible for whatever happens to your device after flashing this ROM. You proceed at your own risk.
  • As the case with flashing ROMS for Android, make sure you back up your important files before flashing this.


Now the review proper:
After flashing this ROM, It took quite a while to boot. I nearly concluded I’ve bricked my device 😆 After the initial setup screens, you’ll be greeted with a new Infinix user interface. The default launcher changed. The app drawer, Quick Settings menu and notifications bar also came with a revamped new look. Me likey!!

New-HOT-2-Home (3)-horz

Performance and Battery Life.
The phone suddenly felt like a bird let off it’s cage. The performance seemed faster. Another thing I noticed was better RAM management too. You can now also clear the RAM by opening the recent apps screen. I curiously installed Antuntu Benchmark to re-run performance tests. Surprisingly, the results were lesser than what we got on our previous review HERE.


The phone still feels a lot more faster now – maybe a magic I can’t explain. The battery life improved tremendously. Recall, I use the 3000 mAh spare, so it now lasts a whole day of moderate use with some extra charge left. The phone now has a kind of Intelligent Battery Saver Mode – shutting down running processes when the phone is at rest.


The USB OTG goodness…
You can imagine, My Infinix HOT 2 now supports USB On-The-G0. This is something users of same device can’t use on the Android One ROM. The joy of having this feature knows no bounds 😆 See screenshots below as proof.

New-HOT-2-USB-OTG (2)-horz

Some Extra New Features
You can now select fonts on this phone, even without root. There’s also an option of downloading more fonts online. A couple of Smart gesture controls came with this ROM – Smart answer helps you take calls by just placing the phone on your ears. Action unlock will let you unlock the phone by waving your palm across the top of the phone. This last bit wasn’t so responsive.
New-HOT-2-update-battery-fonts (2)-horz

As if these weren’t enough, an update arrived immediately I connected to the internet. I quickly installed, though I didn’t notice any differences thereafter.

The phone started having better network reception. GLO network now gets more bars at my office environs. Maybe its a network upgrade, or the phone just got better. Moving files to and from the SD is now easy pie too. Sadly, one still can’t fully peg to 3G here. Another disadvantage is that there’s no hope of Marshmallow or any further updates to this device while you are on this ROM.

They say, A faint heart never won a fair lady. If you have got the guts, and you really want these features, then start considering flashing this ROM. Cheers.

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