Anticipating the Nokia 808 PureView

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Nokia 808 PureView
I have missed the Nokia N8’s superb and yet-to-be-matched 12 megapixel camera with Xenon flash. I have missed using the built-in FM transmitter to pump out music through vehicle’ stereo speakers when I am on the move. I have also missed the superb Nokia Maps application with voice guidance for those times when I am road tripping.

The above, are in effect, why I find myself longing for the soon-to-be-released Nokia 808 Purview. Among other things, the 808 has got a 4-inch ClearBlack Display, a simply brilliant 41-megapixel camera with Xenon flash (if its not Xenon, it cannot be the same as Xenon), and the FM transmitter that I so enjoy.

Did I mention that there’s a hardware shutter button? Since the N8 camera king, I’ve been through other devices with good cameras – and none of them have hardware shutters. Bummer trying to take decent self-portraits with those. Then there is that lossless digital zoom thingie… And the trusty video/photo editor that I have always depended on.

Finally, I can have the best camera on any phone and have a real shutter button with it. Thank you, gods of mobile!

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1
There are lots of other good stuff. The 808 is shipping running Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1, which has already been released for devices like the 701.

This version of Belle has a better web browser with greater HTML5 support, new widgets, performance improvements, and improvements in the user interface.

Belle FP1 is actually a competent competitor to Android, in my opinion. Bummer that Nokia CEO messed things up much earlier. Oh well, the 808 floats my boat and I am looking forward to playing around with one. As long as Nokia churns out superb phones like this, I’ll keep looking forward to getting one.

There are a few other things that I’m looking out for in the 808 PureView. I hope that the audio reproduction quality is tops (like that of the 701). I will certainly miss a built-in hotspot, but I can live without that or find a way around it.

The wait continues. Anyone else looking forward to the 808 PureView?


  1. I’m looking forward to its launch and availability in Nigeria, but I’ve decided not to buy it. A tough choice, because each time I watch a video about it, I start lusting after the 808Pureview again.

    I’m already using Belle FP1 on my N8 [flashed it some weeks ago] so nothing new there for me anymore.

    I need a new OS experience other than Nokia Belle, but this doesn’t mean I’m gonna sell or give away my N8. NO WAY!!!

  2. I am also looking forward to it. But I’m yet to decide whether to buy it or not. Presently, I have the Belle FP1 (unofficial) running on my Nokia N8.

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  4. Hmm. I call it “N8-08”. I will buy it. I have been saving N10K/month since March this year since it’s announcement back in Feb. This beast has all the features of N8 plus more. I wanted to go for N8 or 701 at some point, then I got confused. N8 lacks the official FP1 but has the best camera to date you can think of on a mobile device, and the 701 comes with official FP1 and nokia CB diplay, but lacks the type of camera I want. combine these two phones and you get phone oversampling to give you one supper phone called “N8-08” just like pixel oversampling. It will be my last symbian phone.

  5. Am ernestly looking forward to it, and will definitely buy one. Then, it will be a befitting upgrade to my current 701 which has remained a loyal servant since I acquired in November 2011

  6. Am ernestly looking forward to it, and will definitely buy one. Then, it will be a befitting upgrade to my 701 which has remained a loyal servant since I acquired it in November 2011.

  7. Hello @Arome. “Omatai” happy to hear this name. Are u on twitter? My twitter handle is “@andyameh”. I hope to see you on twitter. Thanks

  8. When I think of the good old Symbian now with FP1, awesome camera, Microsoft Mobile, Symbian undiluted multitasking etc

    I just feel like having this phone now now.

  9. joikuspot should handle your hotspot worries. comes preloaded on symbians sometimes

  10. android will always beat belle with the apps but i admit belle FP1 UI is awesome

  11. Forget to mention: I admit Nokia sholud ditch MSFT CEO. Going to bed with MSFT is bad idea. Especially when Symbian is such a good core-OS. Nokia just needs to sit and be patient. Soon as ppl will be fed-up on iPhone, Android (which isn’t as Open as everybody thinks) and especially windows phone 7 (which looses most of the functionality that windows Mobile had).They’ll come back. After they too are fed-up with gfx gimmicks and just too much missed calls, too much being abandoned from new Android versions, too much promises but never delivering. Wanting something solid that they can rely on. A phone to make phone calls not to sweep the screen for fart-noises.

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