AnTuTu: OnePlus 3 is the most powerful phone for 2016

We’ve crossed the first half of the year, and Antutu has released a report showing the most powerful phones for the time passed. The information was gotten from a collection of average scores of benchmark tests, all conducted on the app. According to AnTuTu: OnePlus 3 is the new king!!

AnTuTu: OnePlus 3

AnTuTu: OnePlus 3 beats them all

The popular Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge lies at 6th position. You should note that almost all the phones on that list carry the Snapdragon 820 chip and 4 GB of RAM, except the OnePlus 3 that carried 6 GB. Chinese brands dominate the above list too.

All hail king OnePlus 3!!



One comment

  1. That is, until the beast called Galaxy Note 7 comes along in August next month.
    One Plus 3’s reign will only be temporary.

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