You may have read rumours of a possible Facebook phone in the last couple of days. I read them too. I didn’t like the idea,

Anyone Here Interested In A Facebook Phone?

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You may have read rumours of a possible Facebook phone in the last couple of days. I read them too. I didn’t like the idea, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea, depending on how it is executed. Of course, some people are giving 101 reasons why Facebook does not need a phone. I don’t think that they need a phone too. But they could do with an OS. Nah; I woun’t go into details here. But if your memory serves you right, some said too years ago that Google didn’t need an OS. Look how much better life is for Google since Android. Facebook could use an OS.

Never mind that the Facebook phone rumour has turned out (AGAIN) to be just vapour. There was no phone announcement, but we have heard this stuff before now. I am betting that this rumour will re-surface again: “Facebook may announce a Facebook phone next week at Armageddon”. Could it be that someone really wants a Facebook phone? How else do we explain this rumour that dies and resurrects in an endless cycle? But, I digress. Where was I? Oh, right. Facebook could use an own mobile OS.

But perhaps if Facebook could use an OS of their own, then they could use a phone of their own? The idea of controlling the end-to-end experience is necesarily a bad one, if you think of it. So, shall we assume that someday, there really will be a Facephone running Face OS (indulge my imagination, if you please). Would you want one? Would you buy and use one? Let us assume again that Face OS will be a fork of Android and so be able to run the hundreds of thousands of Android apps floating around. Would you?

Would you want a Facebook phone? Or is it a Facephone? Or the fPhone?


  1. Yes, most of the time we are not so sure what we would like until we actually experience them first hand, but I’m not so much excited about Facebook and their services anymore and I can’t be so sure how a Facebook phone is going to make much difference. Besides, we have rather too many phone OS rumours these days that news or rumours of further addition to the mix though not a bad thing, is not so exciting anymore.

    Let’s wait and see.

  2. I am not such a huge fan of Facebook as before. But just as Harry said, may be we should wait and see. They might just offer something that might give them that edge over other OSs. I am not anywhere excited though.

  3. If Facebook can blaze a trail with the ‘Face OS’ or ‘fPhone’ as the case may be, Sure so many people will be happy to embrace whatever comes up.
    But, the competition/race is for the wisest and smartest. Mark Zuck should know what he’s in for – “if”

  4. a facebookphone, I think I would pass. but to think of it if Facebook would bring something like ubuntu OS (I would get it) or firefox os, those are OSes that I would think of getting produced by nokia or Samsung (I know samsung would jump on that bandwagon)

  5. They are wise, the market is there.One would be amazed at the followership, if such an OS is launched

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