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Do not read this post if you are under 18

You know the popular cliche, “There is an app for that”? Well, if your love and sex life needs some help or spicing up, there really is an app for that. If your spouse belongs to the old time religion school in which only the missionary exists and you need to spice things up before things fall apart, there really is an app for that. Should you need help with tips as to things to do to insert some more romance into your relationship, yes; there is an app for that too. That app is called Love Spark.

Love Spark

The Love Spark app provides you with:

– Easy and fun date ideas and surprises for every couple’s love life
– Classic and modern kama sutra positions to motivate and inspire you
– Share positions or ideas with your partner by email, SMS, Twitter, or Faceboook

It also lets you:

– Keep your own to-do list of ideas, positions, and places for the future
– Mark the ones you’ve tried, and attempt to do them all
– Favorite the ones you love the most
– Explore sex positions from movie scenes
– Choose kama sutra positions by complexity, intimacy, and strength

If you are already the adventurous, wild cat type and have a very creative imagination, there might not be anything significant for you to learn from Love Spark. But if you are fresh on the streets, newly-wed, you have suddenly hit a romantic or sexual Renaissance, or you just looking for fun ways to spice up your romance, go get that app now. It is free, and it is available on both Android and iOS.

What? You are asking me how I came about Love Spark? Are you a learner? Please get off the dance floor and park by the side. No parking, baby. No parking on the dance floor!

Download Love Spark


  1. “Do not read this post if you are under 18”

    How many people obey that these days?

    ..and where is the BlackBerry version! 😐

  2. “Do not read this post if you are under 18?

    How do you expect our MARRIED ten hear Olds to benefit, 2013 6 given our new national legislative stance on pedophilia?

    I suggest you remove that age restrictions. It offends my sensibilities,!

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