The APC Situation Room application for Windows Phone sets out to give users up-to-date information about activities of the APC before, during and after the

App review: APC Situation Room for Windows Phone

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The APC Situation Room application for Windows Phone sets out to give users up-to-date information about activities of the APC before, during and after the presidential elections. It also provides voting tips and lets users interact by taking part in opinion polls too in order to share your views on pressing issues during the 2015 elections. I installed it on my Lumia 930 and took it for a spin. Come along and find out how well it works.

The default view of the app is a rather bland looking page that provides links to the different sections of the app:
APC Situation Room home

At the top right corner of the app is a menu button that switches the above bland homepage into a Metro-like interface when tapped:
APC Situation Room - Metro

In my opinion, this is what the homepage or default look of the app should be. This is Windows Phone after all, and it fits nicely into the design cues of Metro. The app developers should just get rid of the present homepage entirely and replace it with this one.

Homepage issues aside, the app is simple and serves the purpose of providing information about the APC presidential candidate, his manifesto, as well as voting tips.

APC Situation Room - Manifesto

APC Situation Room - Profile

Some sections do not display well, however. A case in point is some of the content of the “What Change Means” section. This is what the section looks like:
APC Situation Room - What Change Means
tapping any of the above sub titles opens up more information for the user to read.

However, this area of the What Change Means section does not display well:
APC Situation Room - What Change Means bad display

What Else Sucks

  1. Opinion Polls section isn’t working
  2. Latest News isn’t working
  3. Videos in Volunteer section not displaying
  4. While most of the Vote section works, one sub-section does not display properly

Here is an example of the videos in the Volunteer section not working:
APC Situation Room - Volunteer video not displaying

These two sections – Opinion Polls and Latest news – are not displaying content:
APC Situation Room - Polls

APC Situation Room - Latest news

The Vote section is a rich resource of voting information and tips. The embedded images can be swiped horizontally to access nuggets of information:
APC Situation Room - Vote

However, this area of the Vote section seems to have issues:
APC Situation Room - Vote bad section

The APC Situation Room app is a lovely initiative. It is good to see a political party deploying mobile technology in its activities and campaigns. However, the app needs to reflect the Windows Phone look and feel better. While the homepage is the greatest culprit, all the other pages/sections could do with a touch up too to fit in more with Metro’s design lines.

The interactive sections all seem to have issues and need to be worked on. Polls and latest News need to work – and work well, with fresh information on display.

If you own a Windows Phone 8 r 8.1 smartphone, go download APC Situation Room app.

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